We caught plenty of fish today and some good ones mixed in too. Yesterday 15 of our fish came from one spot….today every single spot we hit produced at least one fish. The best bait today was the deep diving crankbait in various colors. Yesterday the chartreuse blue back 6xd was far and away the best color. Today? We caught fish on just about every make and color……really didn’t seem to matter much. We caught a lot of fish on a Texas rigged Zoom Ole Monster and brushhog as well. We just couldn’t catch anything above 3 pounds on soft plastics unfortunately. The two colors of choice on the soft plastics were plum and watermelon red magic. I had the usually great time with Chad and Joel. I did feel bad that the good time ran into a speed bump thanks to some Jackwagon getting within spitting distance from us and casting over our lines…..literally. Once again I am going to take the high road and not post the pics I took for all to see who these d-bags were. Trust me, I want to…….bad. Their excuse? It happens to them…..pay it forward people. Set an example…….nuff said. We are back at it again tomorrow and I will take another day like we had today.


Stat central:


Total fish: a lot

Best five: 28 ish lbs

Kicker: Joel’s 8 pounder












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