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Falcon Report

A fun day off

By January 27, 2013No Comments

Had the day off and slept in and I needed it.  I have a little cold brewing.  I still hit the water today with Steve and James for a few hours.  Let’s go ahead and check the goals that were set last night.


1.) laugh  **This goal was met prior to boat hitting the water**

Here’s James giving Steve a subtle hint that we were fishing a little too deep……lol.


2.) spread some BS  **See goal one**

3.) hang my spinnerbait at least 7 times  **I didn’t meet this goal, not even close.  ZERO hang ups recorded**

4.) catch a fish in under 5 foot of water  **We met this goal, with a couple of fish in that 5 foot and under range.**


I have one more day off and then it’s back to business on Tuesday.  I will be on the water tomorrow bright and early though, with one more scouting run.


Check out the monster James caught…..white as a dang ghost.



And then there is Laura TAUNTING me in front of the 10xd isle in Bass Pro…….that’s NOT how to get a 10 lber on your birthday Laura!  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  Dang Danny.



Hey Laura……