A fun day of tourney prep with Jerry and Logan

I don’t normally catch a lot of fish with my tourney guys, but we caught fish today nearly at every stop. Logan caught one in the 6 lb range early on a crankbait and Jerry caught our kicker that went 7.04. (pictured) I thought she was gonna be a hair over 6 lbs, but Jerry called her 7. Soooooo I whipped out the scales and Jerry was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. lol. I like to weigh fish like that to re-calibrate my eyes. I am normally within hundredths of a pound, not dang near a pound off. We caught quite a few fish in that 0.5 to 3 lb range as well. NOOOOOOOOO cats. Thanks for the opportunity men and best of luck Saturday!





Happy Easter,



The Easter Bunny was in Zapata this morning.




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