A fishing report

I hit the water for about 5 hours with Mr. Steve on Thursday before this big bad front hit. I had been warned by multiple folks that the fishing was tough and………it is confirmed. We fished a lot of different areas and locations. Did we fish deep? Sure and zeroed on the deep rock structure. We fished flats from 2 ft with new growth and flats in 10 to 12 ft with little to no new growth that had clusters of hardwoods. We also fished plenty of drains and creek channels as well. Mr. Steve flipped and I threw moving baits. Good news? We didn’t get skunked and we covered A LOT of water in a short period of time. I am booked up Monday and have several folks kicking around the idea of coming down next week and the week after. Everybody is worried about the terrible weather and now the bite that is………..well…….I won’t say terrible, but it ain’t good.







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