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Falcon Report

A few bites!!!

By December 30, 2012No Comments

and again today our biggest 3 fish didn’t get to the boat…I was the culprit on one and David on the other two. I am not going to turn this into “the one that gotta away report” everyday, so I am not going to talk about it, but I sure want to…lol. Even with those 3 fish not getting to the net, we still had a good day. 30 fish? No…..30 lb bag? No, but action and fish up to 7 and half? (mine unfortunately) yes. We fished hard today. David’s fiance decided this morning that fishing in 40 degree weather was not what she considered fun. She went ahead and slept in and got caught up on her Judge Judy re-runs and some pig skin. I wasn’t prepared to fish today. I planned on making sure Sonya had a line in the water at all times and to help her all day. Soooooo I had to scramble a bit with what I had in the boat, but I pieced it together. Sonya bring David back in a few months when it warms up! I promise to hook ya up. I have some days off in the middle of January. Don’t let these slow days fool you. If you want an elite level fish, you still can’t go wrong with your chances at Falcon and January can be as explosive as they come. Give me a ring if you want a couple of Falcon Lottery tickets for the month of January.