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A Falcon Fish Fry……

We are catching so many fish right now. It really is at the silly level. Today was the first day of school for the kids. (Only school system in America that has school on Labor Day….lol) Jaime has been chomping at the bit to get in on this fish catching action and she didn’t believe that it could possibly be as good as I have been describing it. We fished for 2 hours. She caught 21 fish, which included a walrus that got off at the boat. (she is calling it a 9 pounder…lol, more like 8……..bad guide wouldn’t grab the net. In my defense I wouldn’t of netted that thing even if I had the net in my hand. She got soooooo excited when she saw the fish, she cranked that thing to the boat as fast as she could. A pissed off walrus with a mouth full of 6xd? Cranked in at 3.1 seconds? ugh) She also boated a real nice 7.31 that should of weighed 9 pounds. It was skinny and check out it’s tail. Weird…..





Jaime needed a day like this, just like my last two clients. If there was ever anybody that should have Labor Day off it would be her. Oh and as the title says we decided to keep three 16 inchers to eat. We invited Sherrita and Tommy over to help us eat em. I’m telling you those Bass were spec freakin tacular. Interesting little tid bit. Jaime had a 14 incher (not legal) totally inhale a 6xd and I tried my best to save it, but it floated up about 5 minutes later. I told Jaime that I am not gonna let that fish go to waste, legal or not. We went out to get it, but Mr. Gar got to it before we did. I’m going to stay off the water tomorrow and actually hit the golf course. I am going to take Tommy out on Falcon Wednesday or Thursday. Next week I may hit Sugar with him for a few days to help him with some scouting for upcoming trips. Once again if you are thinking about Mexico you owe it to yourself to contact Tommy and again folks I am not guiding on Sugar for the foreseeable future. Give Tommy a call he’s earned it. If you are thinking Falcon in the coming months I certainly would appreciate the consideration.

A couple more fish pics with the Mrs.

IMG_5061[1]  IMG_5060[1]





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