A DD on a 10xd


That rock fish went a staggering 11 lbs 4 oz and was caught on a citrus shad 10xd. Chad did an excellent job working his drag and not forcing this monster in. I really think there are only a handful of people who have this kind of upper level ability. KVD? nah move over and make room for TCB.


We also rescued a catfish…..Close your eyes Kelly!!



That poor fella was tangle up in a ton of line and had a ballistic craw crank we lost a few days ago stuck in its mouth. He was nice enough to bring me back my crank so I freed him from the line and let him go.


Joel also caught a nice crappie to boot!



I know what your thinking. Hey did you catch a dag gone bass?!?!?! Yes, yes we did and quite a few and I use the term we loosely. I, for the first time in my Falcon career, got skunked. Now im not talking a 3 hr skunking, I am talking full day in which I fished hard. I fished my ARSE off today and not only didn’t catch a fish, I didn’t get a bite. I am serious, NOT. A. BITE. Thankfully Chad and Joe didn’t have the same issue. I threw the 10xd aaaaaaalllllllllll day. You say why did you stick with it that long? I blame Chad to be honest. He caught an 8 lb 4 oz WALRUS first thing this morning on it and the 10xd had me hooked. (no pun intended) These guys are typical GRRRRRREAT return clients of mine. Check out what Chad brought down for me.




How cool was that? I also have had others write and say they are sending me 10xd’s….lol. I have some great people who read this blog. Maybe I need to whine about not having a new truck. lol…… love all of you out there…..in that manly sort of way.


waynes world


Stat central:

Total fish: 16

Best 5: about 32 lbs

Kicker: Chad’s 8-4

Confirmed 10xd depth: 25.2 feet of water (snagged on rock and drove TM right over the top of where it was to check depth. Very impressed.)









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