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Falcon Report

A day off, 29 of the next 33 days are booked, primetime May, June and July dates available.

By February 22, 2013No Comments

I was going to hit the water today, but Mr. Steve called off the dogs and have to be honest here.  It was the right thing to do,  29 days out of the next 33 days will be spent on the water with 10 consecutive days starting tomorrow.  I beat myself up good 2 days ago and I am still feeling that one.  This day off was a good thing for sure.


I have some amazing dates available in the coming months:






Last May was silly good……check the 117 fish day with nearly a 41 lb stringer, needless to say I am looking forward to the hot summer months.  lol.







Last June was Silly part II…. Check out Big John Stud and his remarkable 2 days!

or maybe a comic book is more your thing, check out the Dove Man and Captain Karl episodes!

Let’s not forget about Waylan’s World!







July had some hot weather, but even hotter action…….On July 13, 2012 we caught in the neighborhood of 130 bass.  That’s no typo.

Then there was Marvalous Makayla the Walrus Hunter……I hope you are doing well Makayla!!!!!!!


Shoot me an email if some summer time action on Falcon sounds fun.