A closer look at Basschamps and the state of Falcon Lake

Last night I posted a pic of the top 5 weights.  My winning weight guess was waaaaay off.  I was at 26 pounds and change and the winning weight was 20.85.  I knew I was in trouble when Team Power Tackle didn’t weigh (as in zeroed) a fish along with several other Falcon perennial power houses.  Yes Falcon is fishing terrible folks.  I have been saying it for a while now.  I am going to throw some more stats your way to prove that statement and then I am done beating the dead horse.  The words terrible and Falcon will not be said together again on this blog.  I have certainly said it enough.


164 for teams

85 teams got skunked/zeroed………we are talking elite level anglers folks.  Normally on Falcon zeroes are not true zeroes.  What I mean is that  people come in with their bag and see where the check line is and if they don’t have enough they simply throw their fish back for a chance at 500 bucks. (zero bonus drawing)  These 85 zeroes were legit, as somebody said at the tourney they were proud of their 1 fish….lol.  52% of the field took a zero and most probably didn’t get a bite.


24 teams caught 1 fish………..66% of the field caught either 1 or no fish.


16 teams caught 2 fish………76% of the field did not catch a limit.  The 4th place team fell into the 2 fish category.  They were a 2 lb bass away from first, but two bites and two fish later 4th was it.  They caught a beast of a fish though, weighing 11.03.


39 teams caught a limit………a quarter of the field.  To break the top five you still needed to have a 6 lb average. (not bad)


I will be on the water putting in work starting tomorrow for 10 days before my next client comes in.  There is a technique or location or both that will consistently put fish in the boat and im gonna find it.

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