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A Christmas Eve trip for Carl and Austin

Falcon Lake was predictable today. Numbers? Yeah a lot of numbers. I named a point after Austin…….he caught 2,834 in a row off of it. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we left em biting and who knows how many he caught in a row. I would hear two sounds back there. The click of the spool being engaged and then a swoosh of the rod. So why did we move from this lil honey hole? All of the fish were between 0.25 and 1.5 lbs. Once again the big bite for me was non existent. Trust me we tried damn near everything and caught fish damn near everywhere with the common theme being small. Carl and Austin did have a one opportunity apiece at a big fish. (how big? who knows as we didn’t see either) Both big bites came within 20 feet of each other up in the jungle. We had one break off and one knit sweater. Both of those fish could of been 3 lbs or 13 lbs…..we will never know, but seeing what they did to those two men I would lean somewhere in the middle. Our best baits were c-rigged flukes and w/r 10 inch Tiki Worms by Wave. Check out the picture below…….we caught a crappie and then they decided they wanted to have a lil Christmas Eve fish fry so we kept a few more bass to go with him.



Thanks for the opportunity men.






I also want to add that Falcon IS putting out some good fish right now. Andrew who is a local down here whacked a few good fish over 5 lbs today and yesterday he boated a 9 lb 10 oz beauty. Here is the pic.




Let there be no doubt that I am in a bit of a big fish¬†funk right now, but rest assure I’ll work my way out of it sooner rather than later.


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