A cancelation day……

….I felt bad for Terry and his friend, but the weather when we woke up was nothing short of awful. Terry told me this morning that he wanted some picture fish. Getting picture fish is not an easy accomplishment right now by any stretch and my hats off to those who are doing it on a consistent basis on Falcon. You combine that with a TERRIBLE cold front and of all things a strong WEST wind with no Mexico side option? I’m sorry, but a re-schedule was their best option. Could I have taken their 500 bucks today and stuck em in a cove? Sure, but that’s not how I operate. (unless you want to go out regardless of weather…..like my crew from Monday.) Speaking of not taking money…..I went into the Dollar General store Monday night to buy some supplies for my Sugar trip. I walked up to the counter and proceeded to find money on the ground…..we ain’t talking 3 bucks either. Try $320…..I walked up to the cashier lady and told her that I found some money and if anybody came in and could tell her how much I would come back in and give it to that person. Well last night I went back in and sure enough a gentleman came back in and said he had lost $320 dollars. I went back home and got the money and when I returned to the store he was there. You would of thought he won the lottery and could not believe I did what I did. It was a great teachable moment for my girls. I have always pounded in their heads that you never take what’s not yours or what you haven’t earned. Glad they got to see that on a larger scale.


Once again this year I have donated a trip to the CAST for kids foundation that is currently being auctioned off at www.texasfishingforum.com. It’s a great cause and a great friend that is working hard behind the scenes. Mr. Jimmy Behnken was a great guide down here and a damn good friend. He is now a Regional Director for this wonderful foundation. Check out the link.



Here is the actual link to the auction. So far my man Troy is in the lead with a $500 dollar bid right out of the gate. Don’t be afraid to give him a run for his money.



I will be on Falcon in the AM and very much looking forward to it…..the traps, dingers, and baby brush hogs are loaded and ready.




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