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A busy week at Sugar Lake Mexico is ahead and a Basschamps recap.

Sugar Lake is on everyone’s mind in 2016 and I can’t blame you either. My phone has been busy with folks wanting to come down and wrestle with spawning Sugar Lake females. I am heading back down to the promise land in the morning with James again. Scouting run number two inbound. Then we have two bad weather days. I have a single day Sugar trip Thursday and a 3 day Sugar trip on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I get back from that and I am on Falcon most of the following week. I am beyond excited.



Basschamps had 5 bags that went over the 20 lb mark. Big fish was nearly 12 lbs. That’s the good news…..bad news? About 70 out of the 160+ boat field didn’t weigh a keeper. If you have a honey hole here on Falcon you are good to go. If you don’t? Goooooooood freaking luck. And really that’s the way it’s been for the last 2 years to be honest. I had five jackpot spots here on Falcon that carried me in 2015 and really just three during the summer and fall months. They were beyond amazing, but if you took those away from me? I would of been SOL and I ain’t talking Standards of Learning either. (teacher joke….)


See ya’ll manana!








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