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A busy Labor Day weekend…

IMG_1165.JPG IMG_1167.JPG


…….upon further review, maybe it wasn’t. The schools around here don’t believe in Labor Day so the girlies went off to school today. So I figured the Mrs. and I would go out and whack on some. She proceeds to tell me that she is going to Laredo to work and that she doesn’t want to fish in the bushes anyhow. Geeeeeeeeze…..tough crowd.



If you remember last Labor Day Jaime pounded the big fish, but notice there isn’t a lot in the way of bushes in the background…

IMG_5063[1] IMG_5061[1]



Sooooooooo I cleaned up the 521vx and started pulling all of the gear out of it. I am headed to Boerne to pick up the z522. Heck I hope I remember how to start the dang thing. Feels like I haven’t been in it for 2 years and not the 2 months that it has been. Looking forward to getting her back to Zapata and in the starting rotation. With that said I can’t ask anymore out of my back-up boat. It’s an absolute privilege to have that in my carport ready to go at a moments notice.


Give me a holler if wresting these walruses in the bushes sounds like a good time. My Friday has just opened up for what it’s worth.




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