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A busy, busy, BUSY February of 2017 is here.



Yes I know what you are thinking……”yikes I thought you were going to ease into this thing”. The CEO and General Manager and stock holders of High Stakes Bassin have voiced their “concern”. Here is what I compare it to……when I am flying into Vegas I keep telling myself that when I land I am going to take it easy the first day and show some with-strain. Then I sit down…….



……..and before my second drink hits the table I’m all in. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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And yes that is an actual pic of me after winning that hand. I got some great news from my re-eval today… strength and range of motion have improved a great deal, but they still want me for 12 more visits. UGH. It may take me until December to get the 12 visits in because I am doing bass therapy from here on out.


Here is a sneak peek at the March schedule……See ya then.





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