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A bitter sweet Sugar Lake

Sugar Lake could of given us three DD’s, five 9 pounders, and seven 8 pounders……and I still would of been disappointed. It has been fishing that good. So imagine not even catching an 8 lber? Major bummer on the big fish front. Did we whack on some fish? Yeah and a lot of em, but when your big fish is a 7.68 and the guide catches it……ugh. After catching that fish on the first day I put my rods away and didn’t fish the last two days. The biggest story were the storms that kept us off the water during prime fishing time. Saturday was the worst……we got on the mother load just in time for Mo Nature to kick us off the water for nearly the rest of the day. Scott caught 3 of the biggest fish he’s ever caught including his person best of 6.58. The ultimate kick in the shorts came today at the very end of the day. We ran the heck out of Sugar trying to find Senorita Mega Walrus and I planned to end the day on a spot that has had some major success over the last 7 days. I pull up to hit a spot beside it and guess what? …..guy rolls up, drives over the spot 5 times and throws out a 50 pound anvil for an anchor. Two casts later MEGA Walrus. Then to add a lil more salt to the wound he catches another.



I played the bridesmaid all week. Tommy’s boat boated two DD’s Monday/Tuesday…..Carlos had a client yesterday boat an 11-2 and the final dagger was the guy above. Here are the fish clicker pics from each day. 149 fish caught. 142 of which were caught by my clients. The numbers were great.

IMG_1248-0.jpg IMG_1259-0.jpg IMG_1261-0.jpg


Here are some pics from paradise.

IMG_1255-0.jpg IMG_1265.JPG

IMG_1269-0.jpg IMG_1270-0.jpg

IMG_1272-0.jpg IMG_1264-0.jpg

IMG_1263-0.jpg IMG_1267-1.jpg

IMG_1262.JPG IMG_1268-1.jpg

IMG_1271-1.jpg IMG_1257-0.jpg



Love ya Sugar,





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