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Falcon Report

A big thanks to my man Warren……

By April 12, 2013No Comments

…..he stepped up and ended the’s slump with landing big fish. We had 1 walrus sighting and Warren gave it his best Keith Combs impersonation and boated his new personal best tipping the scales at 8.11!!!




As stated last night we headed to the dam first thing in the morning. Mistake. We were at the dam before 7:30 and we didn’t have anywhere to fish… We left and headed to the Salinas where we zeroed. At 10am we had 1 bite and zero fish. The long run to the dam backfired in a big time way. We went into State Park Cove after the Salinas disaster and grinded away and at least caught some dag gone fish which included the 8.11 for Warren on what else? A Citrus Shad 6xd. We worked our way North and battled the whole way…….nothing was coming easy today folks. At 2:30 we were on our way to the ramp and made one last stop. We had 10 fish for the day. At 3:30 the ole z522 was on the trailer and we tallied 30 fish. Yes our last stop produced 20 fish. Nuclear explosion comes to mind. All of the fish were between 1 and 4 lbs…….fun a lot of fun after the grind we went through today. Warren and Todd have been great, but I have to be honest…..I sure would like to get em both 2 or 3 more shots at walrus tomorrow. I will go for broke yet again early…..fingers crossed.