A big congrats to Josh with his new personal best!!

Today was Dale and Josh’s last day with me and after yesterday’s stinker, we were looking to rebound. We unfortunately were met with fish that didn’t want to cooperate. We got literally twice as many bites, but the hook-ups were not there. We would look at the worm or fluke and you could see where the fish would tear up the soft plastic right below the hook. Even the cranks would get swipped at. Josh’s PB was caught with me back in May and it tipped the scales at 8 lbs. He is now part of the 9 lb club with a 9-2 from today. Check out the pick of the crank bait in its mouth…..like I said earlier short strikes were the name of today’s game. I can’t believe this fish stayed on. When the fish first showed herself we all saw that it had one hook in her. We had no idea just what little cartilage that one hook was holding on to. If it wasn’t for Josh’s expert handling of the drag, rod angle and oh shits he would have never got it in…lol. We all caught fish today again and with the bite that has been going on the last 3 days I’ll take it. I mentioned that Dale’s wife got him this trip for Christmas. Dale has made her a greenhouse….pretty cool and I will post pics of this modern marvel by the weekend. I included Josh’s old PB from earlier in the year and a few pics of his new PB. I am lying low tomorrow, but will be back out on the water Thursday and will be going SHALLOW……yes I will be in water <8 ft. I have some clients in the coming months that want to fish shallow even though I told them that there are better shallow water guides than me….Gary Harlin being one. They still insisted on using me. Sooooooo looks like instead of excuses, I just need to get out there and get better at that part of my game. Time to buy that Tuff Skinz for the Sho.







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