A BEEEEEEEautiful day on Falcon Lake with Leon and Larry

Boy did we catch a spectacular day to be alive on Falcon Lake.  There are a couple of boats in this party and they hired me for the weekend.  They have been on their own the last two days and will be on their own again starting on Monday.  My goal today was to give them as many quality options to fish on the North end of the lake as I could.  Right off the bat this morning it was tough to stick to that goal as we got into some fish very quickly including my 7 ish lber (not weighed).  Under normal circumstances I would have not left these fish.  It was the best start to a day that I have had in a day or two, but I stuck to the gameplan and pulled off the fish and moved South one creek at a time.  We continued to catch a fish here and there, but nothing like stop number 1.  We ended the day whiffing on the last 3 fish over a 30 minute stretch.  Two of the whiffs were my bad.  Everytime I turned the trolling motor on high to move Leon got pounded by a fish.  Finally I gave up on the move and he got pounded again, but the fish got the better of him part 3.  Don’t let this write-up fool you…..I am trying to stay more positive to keep my number 1 fan happy.  No Danny that isn’t you…..it’s…….




After the first stop the Falcon Grind took over and we worked hard for everything we put in the boat.  If you plan on fishing the North end of the lake do not leave the dock without a 3/4 oz double willow spinnerbait and a red squarebill crankbait.  The gentlemen at FLT have both……tell em you read it here and they will hook you up.  I know what you all are thinking….”hey what happened to the Plum Ole Monster and the Citrus Shad crankbaits?”  Those lures are a mid lake and South thing for me….especially in the rocks.  I am back out with this party tomorrow, only this time I am taking out Ed.  We have a SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSStrong wind forecast tomorrow.  We are going deep and gonna look this wind directly in the eye and try not to blink.






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