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A beautiful January day here on Falcon Lake with Sir James.

We had a little bit of a cold snap blow through the area yesterday and this morning was a lil chilly. James and I opted to hit the water around 10:30 and allow it to warm up a bit and boy did it turn out to be as nice a day as you could possibly have here in the month of January. We fished to about 2:30 and I am going to tell ya it was arguably the toughest 4 hours of fishing that I have ever seen on Falcon Lake. Did we get skunked? Nah, but we came as dangerously close to it as you can possibly get. Here is the breakdown of techniques and locations fished.

1.) Timber from 2 ft to 12 ft

2.) Rock piles from 3 ft to 12 ft

3.) Shallow gravel points

4.) Humps and ledges from 6 ft to 20 ft

5.) Mid lake and South

6.) Texas rigged plastics

7.) Shallow and deep diving cranks

8.) crigs

9.) spinnerbait

10.) drop shot


The good news? The z522 is running great after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time off. Gas gauge isn’t working, but if that’s the only thing not working at this stage of the game I will certainly take it. My neck is stiff, but pain and numbness are very minimal and that’s after whipping the water pretty hard for 4 hours.(no cranks for me) No rods were dropped in the water either……lol. James and I had our typical great time minus the fact that the son of b$%&# broke out a high dollar cigar and smoked it in front of me.

Image result for smoking cigar


It’s clear that I am anything, but dialed in and need to put my nose to the stone and get to work. I’m certainly looking forward to doing just that.




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