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Falcon Report

A bass named Pepe and a cat named Lucky……PRIME TIME dates just opened up.

By January 9, 2013No Comments

Today was Kelly’s turn to scratch off a Falcon lottery ticket aaaaaaaaand he will be buying another tomorrow. lol. The weather was nothing short of terrible to start out the day. I was pinned down to basically one area until noon. Then the wind laid down and we moved around and got some bites. Kelly boated our first bass around 1 and he named her Pepe……lol. A few minutes later Kelly boated a cat on a crankbait. He named her Lucky. I know what your thinking. What is so lucky about catching a catfish? Well, Kelly had just talked about how much he liked to eat catfish and presto he caught a catfish. That fish was “lucky” he didn’t have his filet knife with him. hahahaha. I didn’t fish today and it wasn’t because Kelly asked me not to, he actually wanted me to fish. I knew we were fishing for 2 or 3 bites today and I certainly didn’t want to be the one that got those bites. Kelly and I are back at it tomorrow. I plan on getting in on the action a bit more tomorrow and help Kelly get em fired up.


I just had a cancelation for the following dates:

February 11th through February 13th (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

If you are wanting to gamble on hitting a big fish, drop me a line. February is as explosive as they come.


Thanks everyone for the opportunity and see you soon!!