A 3 am trip to the aiport with Ryan……

stays up late


It was certainly a face slapping good time on the drive back to Zapata in the wee hours of the morning.


Ryan’s 5 day trip did not end with a bang unfortunately, but if any of the big bites that were on his line got landed it would of changed the whole outlook of the trip. Just was not in the cards, but it didn’t prevent Ryan from having a good time. Ryan is already talking about a return trip in the summer or potentially even a Sugar trip. If I can give you all one piece of advice for those that just want to catch fish…..bring a drop shot and load it up with a 1/4 oz weight and a Roboworm of your favorite color. You will have a ball. I have a two day gig next week starting on Thursday and after that I have more than a few days open if interested. Thanks for reading Highstakesbassin fans…..here are some pics I took this week of Ryan.


IMG_5687[1]  IMG_5723[1]

IMG_5721[1]  IMG_5698[1]

IMG_5697[1]  IMG_5703[1]





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