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A 13lb mega walrus and a 30 lb sack……

…..the only problem? They were pulled up in front of me by a Mexican netter. Man……was a hell of a site to see, but I am still sick to my stomach. It happens…..every day, week, month, year. Still sucks when I see a monster get thrown to the bottom of their boat. Our first creek produced 7 fish in short order, but all seven were bucks and try as I might I could not locate the big girlies in there. Should I have stayed in there longer? Yeah I believe looking back at now I should of because we caught 2 more fish the rest of the day. You know what they say about hindsight. We did end up catching one small female, (pictured) but the rest were 1-3 lb bucks. (also pictured) Best news out of all this is that I have G Dub and Mike for two more days….adjustments will be made.











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