8 years in the making and Falcon showing signs of life.

8 years ago Laura (at the time was Danny’s girlfriend) bought him a guided trip here on Falcon Lake with me. The three of us had a terrific time. Both Danny and Laura caught personal bests that day, but it was the one that got away that would bring Danny back to the border, trip after trip after trip. For 8 years Danny would chase the ever elusive Double Digit MEGA WALRUS with me…….both here in Texas and across the border at Sugar Lake. Over these 8 years he had two other legit opportunities get away from him. He also caught a 9 lb 14 oz near miss MEGA Walrus. Danny has a few roles in my life……client, High Stakes Bassin Senior VP of the Board of Directors, and most importantly a terrific friend. Soooooooo to see him boat his first ever DD was beyond special.



She went 10.64 lbs…….next up? The 11 pound club.


Falcon Lake went full NUCLEAR for about a 3.5 day stretch. Water temps pushed 70 degrees and it got crazy…..like nearly 200 fish type crazy over that span. The most amazing thing was the quality…..of the 200 fish I guarantee 97% of them were keepers. Now listen, most were between 1.5 pounds and 3.5 lbs, but damn that’s a lot of fun. My man Brian came down and caught two that were busting at the seams. (one just shy of 7 and the other just shy of 8)

img_1371.jpg img_1372.jpg


Here are some typical fish that are being caught….fun, healthy, fighting son of a guns.

img_1381.jpg img_1380.jpg

img_1385.jpg img_1382.jpg

img_1386.jpg img_1379.jpg

img_1387.jpg img_1388.jpg


If this looks like a good time give me a holler and we will get you in the books and on the border whacking and stacking.



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