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7 straight days in Paradise 

We started out whacking and stacking numbers of 2 – 4 lb fish with Bob and Jerry. Our biggest day was an impressive 74 fish, 32 lb bag, 8.09 lb kicker performance.



The last 4 days in paradise were spent with Captain Clay and Barbara the Barbarian. The numbers were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down all 4 days. We averaged 24 fish a day, but the big news?! My man Clay did it……




Clay has been hunting that DD for many years and we both held our breath when that big ole girl got hung on those scales. Soooooooooo happy to see that 10 flash up on the screen. Here are a few more walruses from Clay and Barbara’s trip.

img_3051.jpg img_3045.jpg

img_3049.jpg img_3053.jpg

img_3061.jpg img_3042.jpg


I am truly blessed, fortunate, lucky…..whatever word you would like to use there. Looking forward to a terrific August with friends, family, and clients alike. This month will also mark the arrival of a new member to the High Stakes Bassin family and no Jaime is not expecting.


See ya soon


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