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Falcon Report

7 bites and 5 boated fish

By March 6, 2014No Comments

I sure do appreciate Travis and Dustin coming down. They don’t live far away and certainly could of easily canceled, but they decided to come down and give it heck with me. The day started out pretty dang good with Travis connecting on a 6 ish lber right of the bat on a crankbait in a creek channel. We did not get a pic of the fish and I am not happy with myself either. I made the call to “belly” the fish as apposed to grabbing the net. No need to tell you how that ended. Travis would of looked good holding that fish up for a photo opp and trust me I need those photo opps too………





One thing to note about today is that I caught a fish off of a rock……I know shocker, it certainly was to me. It was nabbed on a 3/8 ox trigged grub….yeah split tail grub. That fish was the first “rock” fish that I have personally caught since October. We are back at it tomorrow….stay tuned.