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Falcon Report

4 in a row……

By December 14, 2012No Comments

Took out John-David and Kyle for their second and final day on Falcon Lake. It sure is tought to follow a 43 lb bag and the crazy amount of big fish that was caught yesterday. Remember what I said about the bite shutting down at 1 o’clock and how that worried me? Well……..worried me even more when at 10 am this morning we had only 7 fish in the boat with a 6 and a 5 as our biggest and the rest were of the “bunt single” variety. We worked hard to catch 9 more fish over the next 4 hours. We added another 6 lb’er to the stringer, then at 2 o’clock Falcon went nuts……again. We went to our last stop with 16 fish and I joked that I sure would like to hit 20 before we go in. We hit 20 and then some… 25 with 4 fish over 6 lbs. We didn’t have a fish over 8 today, with a couple of “small” 7’s being our biggest. All in all, it was another great day to be on Falcon Lake and a GREAT way for John-David and Kyle to end their two-day trip at Falcon. These two fellas were straight up class. John-David was a former teacher….get this, ENGLISH teacher and he taught PE as well. Hey Mom, JD thinks I write pretty well and would give me a solid C-. HAHAHAHA. I felt bad for ole Kyle today. He worked his butt off on the phone most of the day…’s tough being the boss when you are away trying to have some fun. He still had a good time and heck even ended up catching a dang tilapia. (see pic) Oh the pic of the 3 fish together was done because I literally couldn’t un-hook them fast enough before there was another one on….like I said, Falcon got a lil crazy on us at the end. Thanks again for the opportunity Men. Don’t be strangers……Oh and book another trip with me in April or May. They are FANTASTIC months and the time off will give your crankbait arms time to recuperate…lol.