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Falcon Report

4 day recap…..

By May 28, 2013No Comments

Been a busy 4 days around here. The fishing is still pretty good, but (and its a big BUT) we are having to work a lot harder of late for what we are getting. Are we still getting 3 to 5 big bites a day? sure……but the 15 to 20 five pound fish and better days are not happening right now. We are still catching 20 plus fish in a day for the most part, but there are A LOT of small fish mixed in. The crankbait bite has gotten a little stagnant and the soft plastic bite has certainly picked up the slack. My go to set up is a crig with about a 1 ft leader and a 1/2 oz sinker. The two bates I like the best currently are a 10 in plum powerbait worm and a w/r mag fluke. You can’t work a crig slow enough.




Check out the pics below from the past 4 days……young Mr. Kreagan with a 9.06 lb beast and his brother, Keaton, not too far behind him with a 6.88 that he reeled in. The last two days were about Chad. He scored a near miss 7 lber his first day and came back today and stroked not one, but two 8 lbers (8.03 and 8.08) The 8.03 didn’t last long as his personal best… Danny also caught himself a walrus in his new boat! (8.5 lbs)




I am off tomorrow and by the looks of the wind forecast, I am grateful.