I’m telling you cold doesn’t describe this morning……lol, goodness this is Zapata for crying out loud. I took Cody and Justin out today for a Falcon Lake Guide trip. We all were suffering from brain freeze when we made our first stop. They are fishing the Bud Light tourney and they wanted some options. Well I gave them some dang good “options”. We made about 9 stops from the North end of the lake to the South. 7 of those stops produced at least 1 fish over 6 lbs. Cody had a ridiculous day….silly. We didn’t boat a fish bigger than 7 and a half, but we (Cody) caught the heck out of the 4-7 lb class fish. Towards the end of the day Cody hooked into a giant and it came to the top and showed herself. I went diving for the net and when she came back up she picked up a hitchhiker….lol. He had the really big fish on and now a smaller fish. unfortunately both the driver and the hitchhiker didn’t make it all the way into town. I really don’t know how many fish we caught. I don’t think we broke 20 like we did yesterday, but can tell you it was still a dang good day. We fished a little shallower today (12-15 ft) and cranked a lot. Two different instances we marked bass on a ledge and backed off and caught those fish. Very cool, the bait is starting to break up and relate to the bottom a lot more. We only marked two schools of suspended bait all day and both were in Tigers. You can guess where we didn’t catch fish. I think these fellas will have a fighting chance come Saturday to do some damage in that tourney. Got a two-day trip on the books starting tomorrow. These guys flew in tonight and I can only hope over the next two days Falcon continues to improve with this cooler weather and water temps. We will be bundled up and back at it tomorrow.









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