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Schedule update:

August 14th through the 17th have been booked.



August 12th through the 18th are……

……open. I rarely if ever give out an all call. But here it is. If you have the time and the means and you want an EPIC walrus whacking good time on Falcon Lake…..come on down.

img_0329.jpg img_0327.jpg

img_0323.jpg img_0318.jpg

img_0321.jpg img_0325.jpg

img_0324.jpg img_0330.jpg


As you can see …..Shannan and Dean had a straight up monstrous trip this week. Then my man Robby rolled into town and followed them up with two walruses of his own today that included a 9.03 lb personal best.

img_0333.jpg img_0334.jpg


Fire me an email, text or call and we will make it happen.



Personal best after personal best after personal best on Falcon Lake, Texas

People ask me these two questions all the time. They are similar questions, but with different answers.

(1.) “When is the BEST time to come down and fish Falcon Lake.”

Answer: When it fits your schedule the best. I will never ever change my answer to that question. Falcon is simply an amazing fishery 12 months out of the year. Come on down when you need to get away and have a terrific worry free, world class fishing experience.


(2.) “What month is your favorite on Falcon Lake.”

Answer: Summer. June, July, and August are simply amazing down here. I have said it over and over and over again. I get that the heat scares folks away and it truly is unfortunate because truth is, the heat most days is a total non factor here on Falcon. On the water and whacking em by 6:30….off the water by 2 and in the AC celebrating with an ice cold margarita at The Steakhouse. It simply gets no better, in my humble opinion, than Falcon Lake, Texas in the Summer.


Check out these Summertime Walruses and Junior Walruses from the past few trips.

img_0278.jpg img_0229.jpg

img_0303.jpg img_0299.jpg

img_0302.jpg img_0227.jpg

img_0221.jpg img_0224.jpg

img_0298.jpg img_0281.jpg

img_0313.jpg img_0301.jpg

img_0300.jpg img_0279.jpg

img_0294.jpg img_0314.jpg

img_0245.jpg img_0243.jpg


As the title says… are the personal bests for Guy, Grady, and David.

img_0274.jpg img_0228.jpg



…..and the biggest personal best went to my man Clay. I’ve been blessed beyond words to have been a part of Clay and Barbara’s personal bests many, many, many, many times over. Here’s Clay’s latest and greatest PB that came in at 11.12 lbs.



For those that continue, trip after trip after trip, to come down and spend your hard earned money supporting my family and business………


Thank you,




Falcon Lake and the Tribe

I have had an incredibly busy stretch that looks like it will continue into August. I’m not just talking about fishing Falcon Lake either, but that’s where we will start. Falcon of late has had moments of pure awesomeness, but I’ve also had my share of head scratching trips as well. If it sounds like fishing it’s because it is. The best bite going has been the MAGNUM crappie. I’ve seen two the last month or so that would of pushed 4 lbs. I’m talking area 51 aliens shit. The common size is that 10-14 in. crappie with multiples in the 2-2.5 lb range. We have also caught some dam nice bass as well. (pun intended)

img_0059.jpg img_0083.jpg

img_0082.jpg img_0069.jpg

img_0072.jpg img_0063.jpg


and here is one of those 2 lb crappie




I juuuuuuust got back from a terrific trip up North to watch the Tribe with my folks. Unfortunately we only won 1 out of 3. Mom and I also hit the Jack casino multiple times over and Mom actually went home a winner… Don’t ask.



img_0189.jpg img_0148.jpg


…..and the second pic in 2019 that I will have framed.



Goodness I love that pic…..Mom is not known for her picture taking abilities by any stretch, but she nailed that one. I will be on the water a bunch coming up and there is a return trip to the desert on the horizon as well.


Can’t wait.

Summer is here and so are the Walruses. A dog named Benji.



127 degrees……..mind you it did cool off to 114 once we got on the road for a few minutes.


Truth be told the temps are great till 1 pm and by that time our days are done or damn close to being done. I try to have the first fish in the boat by 7 and the last one by 2. Then it’s air conditioning time. How’s the fishing in the heat of the summer you ask? I hear a picture is worth a bunch of words……so lets show you 11 and we will start with my man Lambo’s new personal best that came in at 9.57 lbs.



….and the rest of the walrus party that includes Troy and Bill’s most epic trip.

img_6160.jpg img_6167.jpg

img_6162.jpg img_6165.jpg

img_6166.jpg img_6168.jpg

img_6169.jpg img_6184.jpg

img_6186.jpg img_6185.jpg


Those pics are the good news. We are whacking big fish let there be no two ways around that. The bad news? My numbers suck. Seriously suck……we have had a 7 fish day up to a 37 fish day with most days settling into the upper teens lower 20’s. For this time of year that’s simply not very good. Before my back injury I had spots that you could sit on and literally catch 50 fish and that’s spots as in plural, more than one.



Our water levels the last month or so have been on a free fall and those jackpot spots I had pumping out fish after fish after fish have simply dried up. Where did the numbers move to? Man I’m trying to find em every day and I have been very fortunate to have found a few really really REALLY small spots holding really big fish……just not many, but enough to make trips VERY memorable.


and speaking of memorable……




My girlies found a little dog that was nearly on his last day. We’ve nursed him back to health with the help of our vet.



As you can see he’s doing well and the other dog’s absolutely love him. We are glad to have em as well.




Big winds 2019, Elmo Action Jaxson, and on the mends

I have been living along the beautiful Rio Grande since 2011. I’ve seen many many many brutally bad windy stretches. It’s just part of the deal down here and you learn what you can and can’t do and make the best of it. Some of my best days on this lake came in 20+ mph South wind with a 6xd in my hands. With all that said……this stretch is the worst I have personally ever seen. (I said the same thing last year… I have had plenty of wind cancellations and I also had to cancel/give away 5 jobs due to my back as well since returning from my Vegas vacation. On Saturday May 18th I bent down to grab the extension cord to plug in the boat and down I went. I have been very fortunate with my lower back the last 14 years. (I hurt it really bad moving from my condo to my house in 2005) I have done as little as possible and spent most of the last 10 days or so in bed highly medicated. The good news is that I came off the pain meds yesterday and I’m out and about today feeling better with limited pain. (most of it is in my damn hip at the moment) I am trending in the right direction in the nick of time. Got my longest tenured client on the docket Thursday/Friday and a Lambo driving in on Sunday and this crew on Monday and Tuesday!



Before my back crapped out I had my main man down to see me.



We had a dag gone blast as we always do…….See ya’ll soon and hopefully not from a hospital bed!!





Viva Las Vegas and Falcon Lake getting on a major roll.

I wrote in my last report that Falcon Lake has taken a major turn for the good. Yes indeed it certainly has and I don’t see any signs of it slowing down either. The lake is fishing as big as I have ever seen it. With that said……the dam area is by far the best thing going in my opinion. If you put your time in and know of those sweet spots on a spot you will get paid and in a big way down there. Lures that are working?……The list of lures not working is far shorter. Hell I caught a few on top water the other day. You can catch em how you like to right now let there be no doubt about that fact. We have been very fortunate this year in regards to our water levels. We have had a lot of help from Amistad and we have been holding in the mid 270’s (ish) for a while now. I really thought we would of been off the ramp at the state park by now. VERY VERY happy to see that we may very well make it to hurricane season above 264. (fingers crossed) Here are a few pics from the last couple of trips I’ve run including Glenn’s new personal best that just missed 9 pounds.


img_6089.jpg img_1686.jpg

img_1687.jpg img_6095.jpg

img_6096.jpg img_6093.jpg


And man I love this next pic……Pops bringing his boys down for a Falcon Lake fishing trip. Truly gets no better than that.



With the summer upon us the fishing is going to be about as good as it gets in 2019. I just booked my first fall dates last week as well. Kimbo and Geoff love em some October Falcon Lake……

img_5303.jpg img_5304.jpg


I can’t say that I blame em.


***That concludes the fishing portion of the report***


I just got back from 2019’s first trip to Vegas. I met my Mom and Sister out there and we had our typical terrific time with each other. Unfortunately none of us made it out of there on the plus side of the ledger, but then again none of us go there to hit it rich. Hell my goal is to go gamble as hard as possible and come home with enough gas money to fill the Ranger up to go fishing upon returning. (mission accomplished) I also met this guy out there for a few days….


Half of Team Boyz from Illinois……Sr. Vaughn or known in these parts as Quarter Can Van or Buddy Select. Good times were certainly had and I am happy to report that my liver did indeed survive. Here are a couple more pics from the trip that was.



…..and here is a pic of High Stakes Bassin CEO and I on our way to see Carrot Top.



I will frame that pic. God only knows how much I love her.


And Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Momma’s out there. Including this beautiful thing.



Take care High Stakes Bassin fans and hope to see ya along the border soon.



My favorite times of the year….

……and if you are reading this odds are you already know what I look forward to the most.





Got to see my folks for the first time in 2019 and my girlies and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. My Dad and I got to fish several days and watch a fair number of Tribe games. As you can tell by the pic above the girlies kept my Mom occupied most days. The fishing you ask? I am happy to report the fishing has taken a massive turn for the good. I honestly can’t remember the last time Falcon has fished so big. You can literally catch fish in 2 foot of water out to 22 foot from the North end to the South end and everywhere in between. Fun times are here let there be no doubt. Here are a few nice fish over the past handful of trips including Master Mike’s 10.02 lb MEGA Walrus which was the first DD of the year for High Stakes Bassin.



img_6029.jpg img_6037.jpg

img_0167.jpg img_0165.jpg

img_0164.jpg img_6075.jpg

img_6077.jpg img_6082.jpg


Check out my calendar and if you see some dates that catch your eye, drop me a line. I’m confident Falcon will not disappoint.



From New York to Texas to Oklahoma to Canada… on Falcon knows no borders.

The catching remains tough here along the border, but the fishing and the good times being had on my Ranger z521c have been as good as I’ve ever experienced. Every single client knew going into their trip that they were going to be challenged as an angler. I’m happy to say every single one of them answered the call and gave ole Falcon everything she could handle. Here are a few pics from the last handful of days on the water including multiple personal best the biggest of which going to my man Kadence and his 8.35 lb Walrus.



Kadence followed that up with a 7.88 lb Walrus the next day. Needless to say it was good to be Kadence.



More pics and good times had along the border.

img_5967.jpg img_5996.jpg

img_5991.jpg img_5994.jpg



It’s gonna be a fantastic Summer and I am wide open for offshore whackfests starting in mid May. Hope to see ya’ll soon.




Mother Nature 2019 or mid 80’s Mike Tyson?

Geesh……..I would rather take the Tyson upper cut personally. Good grief….I have had to cancel 8 days since we last talked. One day the South wind is Blowing 40 and the next the North is blowing 25. In my line of work this stuff happens though. I really feel for my clients/friends that look forward to coming down here and hunting these Falcon Lake Walruses and I sure do hate having to tell them news they don’t want to hear. This year has been the very worst year I have had from a weather/cancellation perspective without question. When we have been able to get on the water the fishing remains tough. We are battling some post spawn blues along with Mother Nature punching us in the mouth. Here a few pics of fish that are very common right now.

img_5892.jpg img_5896.jpg

img_5893.jpg img_5890.jpg

img_5891.jpg img_5931.jpg

img_5924.jpg img_5925.jpg


The good news is we are catching a lot of quality 3 to 5 lb fish and not a lot of dinks whatsoever…..and every now and again magic will still happen along the border. Just ask my man Randy who boated this near miss MEGA Walrus that went 9.21 lbs.



The fishing will improve folks… me on that. The shad spawn is imminent as we are starting to see these beautiful specimens everywhere.



The offshore bite is coming along, but certainly not at the rate of speed I would like to see, but we are geared up and ready for it.



Zapata County Fair has come and gone…….and I have taken that pic below every year. Time flies



I had a big response to the “incidents” on Falcon Lake that have been blasted all over social media. I also copied several negative quotes from posting forums about South Texas and Zapata. I have opted to keep my comments and thoughts off the internet. I will say this and I have said many many many many times over, both verbally and in print. You could give me a briefcase with a million dollars cash in it and tell me I had to move from Zapata, TX. I would tell you to take that briefcase and shove it where the sun don’t shine. That sentiment has nothing to do with the fishing either and has everything to do with my neighbors, friends, the workers at the grocery store, post office, pizza hut, subway, steak house, Stripes gas station, the motels and hotels and the beautiful ladies at the Dollar General who always greet my girlies and I with a wonderful smile and great conversation. This small town has treated my family better than anyone deserves and I love it with every fiber of my being.





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