3 personal bests and a wet wild ride….

Forecasted wind for today? 14 mph. Actual wind speed? 24 to 30…..easy. I love it when the weather man swwwwwwings and misses like that. Guess where we were today? Yep, we ran south and fished deep allllllllll day. The ride back was a new personal best for the boat in the most speared waves category. We trimmed the motor down and plowed through em as apposed to smacking through em. Wet? Um yeah, Sea World had nothing on us today. We did not catch very many fish today. We did manage to get both Josh and his wife April new personal bests, but other than that it was slow for us. We will be hitting timber tomorrow and I hope I can do a better job with getting makayla on some fish. She boated the first fish of the day and it was seeeeeelow for her the rest of the way.

Total fish: 11
Best five: about 24 lbs
Kicker: 9-5

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