What a great day to be alive and on Falcon Lake. I took Rolando, Daisy, and Ron on a Falcon Lake guide trip today and a grrrrrreat time was certainly had by all. The fishing did not disappoint either…..until noon rolled around that is. lol. You say what happened in the afternoon? 1 bite and 1 fish is what happened. I am not complaining though….we had a very fun morning and caught quite a few. Crankbaits once again reigned supreme, both the squarebill and DD variety. These three booked this trip with the intent of talking strategy throughout the day. They wanted to gain a better understanding of electronics and how to use graphs, sonar and imaging to unlock some of Falcon secrets. We had a lot of good discussions and whooooooole heck of a lot of laughs and good times. I look forward to the next time and don’t be strangers.










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