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Falcon Report

3 generations

By September 20, 2012No Comments

Today was JL, Randy, and Jake’s turn at a falcon lake guide trip. We ran the lake today and then some with limited results. We ended with a decent stringer, but unfortunately I caught the kicker today that went about 9 lbs. They all caught fish and some good ones to boot. I felt bad for JL. He got more bites than any of us combined, but the fish would destroy his worm or falcon fluke right at the hook or just below and not get hooked up. Today’s key was feeling the bite and allowing them to take the slack out and then setting the hook. If you didn’t do this the hook up didn’t happen. We did not catch a single fish on a crank today and it wasn’t from a lack of trying, amazing. These gentlemen and I do mean gentlemen are salt of the Earth type folks. The opportunity was appreciated men. Hey Randy and Jake check out the last pic! hardcore gamers, like me

Total fish: 12
Best 5: about 32 lbs
Kicker: my 9 unfortunately πŸ™