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3 generations of awsome on display today……..

……and 3 generations of walruses caught as well.

PaPa with the Mini Walrus –



Garrett with the Jr. Walrus –



and last, but certainly not least Dean with the WALRUS! –



What a great day to be alive on Falcon Lake and to share it with these guys was damn near priceless. I could chew the fat with Carl for hours on end and chuckle every three minutes. He always had a funny comeback or addition for dang near everything I said. The best and I will always remember this one. Towards the end of the day Carl asked me out of the blue “how ya doing Jay!” My reply……”great!, the only way I could be doing any better is if there were two of me. I’m finer than frogs hair” Carl’s response? “shoot you’re finer than frogs hair split three ways!” An instant classic.


Be safe fellas and thanks again.







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