3 fish day……Rates have gone up…..MVM #8

From stud to dud in under 24 hours. I could not get on em today and trust me I tried. Greg and Ron went hard at it until the final bell. I just wasn’t able to put them in position to have a good day…..plain and simple. Wish I could come up with a BS excuse. These guys have two more days with me and I don’t plan on giving up the fight with them just yet.



My rates have gone up folks. I have been wresting with this for several months. As many of you know my operating costs have gone up unfortunately. This price increase is certainly not an attempt to get rich quick, but will help in my efforts to provide the best possible experience for those of you that choose to spend your hard earned money in my boat(s). My daily rate will be $500 a day, unless you book a two or more day trip. If you book a two or more day trip the daily rate will get knocked down to $450 a day.

Here are some examples:

single day trip: $500

2 day trip: $900

3 day trip $1350

4 day trip $1800


My 3rd person fee has gone up to 125 dollars. I have also done away with half day pricing. Equipment rentals will remain the same.


Here is the link to my pricing.



Thanks for your understanding and please if you have any questions do not hesitate to email, text or call. Once again if you booked prior to today you are locked in for the old pricing. I am NOT doing a bait and switch here. These new prices are for NEW bookings going forward.


MVM #8! Sledgehammer!


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