3 days of Falcon + 3 days of Vegas multiply that with great friends = ……

…….you don’t need a mathematics degree to figure that one out. My computer blew up last week and I was unable to write up my last day of fishing with Vaughn and Doc before we all headed out West. I spent today working on it and I seem to have fixed it. Don’t ask me how because I really don’t know. It’s working and that’s all I need to know at this stage….lol. Back to the fishing on Thursday. We had a much better day than we had on Wednesday. Once again we had an opportunity to have a very special day if one timber fish in particular gets boated. Doc had that fish to the top and out of the tree. The tough work was done. I know what you all are thinking …..”it broke off”. Nope…..pulled off. We got everything back, but the Poor Boy flipping bait he was using. We got a really good look at this fish and I have the tree marked. I sure hope I get a chance to hang this fish on a set of scales. BIG. We spent half the day in the timber and that was a good call……Vaughn loves to pitch and he certainly caught more than his fair share especially at our first timber stop. My original plans were to spend the day in the Salinas, but sweet mother of pearl every square inch of that place is being netted and I mean that. Did we try to work around the nets? Sure, but after losing several baits we said the heck with it and we fished several spots in there as well. The common theme…..nets and more nets. Silly. Doc might of had one giant get away from him, but he did finish the deal on a near miss 9 lber and Vaughn boated two very nice fish as well. Who knows how many 1- 3 lbers we boated……..truly don’t know. Our biggest boated fish came off the DD cranks and squarebills.









Then there was the Vegas trip. Doc and his wife, Vaughn and his buddy BA, My wife and I had a trip that just can’t be described. Jaime and I certainly didn’t come home with more money than we left with, but we had our moments of glory for sure.




We also ate at some amazing restaurants and can honestly say I ate the best steak I have ever eaten while out there.




We are already looking forward to our next adventure with this group……whether it be on Falcon, in Vegas, or a Walmart parking lot….a good time will certainly be had by all.




















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