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27 meatballs, James, Augie, and a dog named Bella

Pretty cool day. My day started by driving down to the county boat ramp to launch the boat. My goal was to once again cover water and find more fish. That goal was put on hold…….James and Augie went to the ramp to check it out this morning and on their way back out they passed me. They turned around and went back to the ramp to ask if I would take them out for a trip. Talk about great timing……and man was it nice to land a job out of the blue. Very much needed and very appreciative. We started not too far from the boat ramp and boy I am glad we did. You see, I have a routine when I know I am guiding the following day.

Rule #1: DO NOT eat after 7 o’clock the night before.

Rule #2: Eat half a granola bar and a swallow of orange juice for breakfast.

Rule #3: Take two immodium with the swallow of OJ.


I violated all three of those rules for todays trip. Now listen I had no idea I was going to have a job. Thought it was just going to be me. Soooooo I didn’t take immodium…….ate a HUGE breakfast……and ate 27, yes 27 of my wife’s meatballs the night before. The last round was not at 7 o’clock, but at 1 am. (don’t judge…..her meatballs are great.) Here is a pic of me running to County Boat Ramp pavilion bathroom.


shit pants



*No underwear was harmed during today’s broadcast of




Ok……back to the fishing. We caught fish nearly everywhere we went, but not a lot and for the most part not that big either. I had two big bites and boated one of em. Augie and James didn’t have a big bite that we know of today. These two will be here the rest of the week and I wanted to show them as many options as I could. A lot of what I fish isn’t on any map chip and is extremely difficult to fish unless you are really familiar with that particular spot. Soooooooooo with that said I focused on areas that they would be able to get back to and have success on throughout the week. We fished from the Veleno all the way down to the Salinas and back. I am looking forward to their end of trip review. I really hop they get a walrus or 8 over the next 5 days. Here is a pic of my jr Walrus…..built like a brick shithouse. lol…….

IMG_5990[1]  IMG_5997[1]



Thanks again guys!




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