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26 pound bag, 9 boated, all 3 lbs and up, 4.5 hours of fishing, 1 selfie on Facebook.

selfies go wrong


Don’t worry I was fully clothed in Gortex this morning, so no Highstakesbassin cheek shot.



The title says it all. Best day or handful of hours that I have had on Falcon in some time. Instead of running to my offshore stuff at the first sign of a post front, I backed off into that 6 to 10 foot timber range close to where I have had success in shallow. That pattern worked great for my first 3 stops. My last 3 stops of the day using the same pattern came up snake eyes. The damage was already done though and a damn good post front day was already in the books. If you want to check out the selfie of me and one of the Jr. Walruses from today you will have to check that out on Facebook. Sorry, but is a no selfie zone.


thank god




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