25 plus mph North wind gusts and schedule updates.

We left the boat on the trailer today. Could we have fished? Yes….would it have been the best use of $500 plus dollars? I don’t think so. I love money, but don’t like feeling like I cheated somebody to get it. April literally has 3 open slots left in it. I don’t think I’m going to book the 24th either. That leaves the 18th and 19th as only remaining days. I am debating on marking those “off” as well, but really think those two dates will have some magic in em. Here is one last look at an incredibly busy April.




Here is a first look at May. There has been some confusion and I’m sorry about that. I have had some folks think that I was booking Sugar only on the days just marked as “Sugar”. The reason I didn’t put booked – Sugar is because I’m not booked, but will be with my Dad at Sugar Lake. I know you are not supposed to wish your life away, but man I can’t wait for May 18th.



Co best friend, Co CEO of Highstakesbassin.com, Co #1 fan, and just plain best Dad on Earth will get his first taste of Sugar Lake. (Love ya MOM!!!!! ….notice the “Co”) …….got a lil mushy on ya’ll. I might have to put a pic of a Budweiser in here real quick to ‘man’ly this thing back up a bit.

Budweiser can 2011



I have had a few people ask me recently if it was still worth coming to Sugar in May or June. Listen…..my Dad has pick of the litter when it comes to fishing down here and he choses May/June. There’s a reason for that. The summertime patterns are as rock solid and consistent as they come. See ya’ll tomorrow.








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