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2018 has started ice cold.


I have not been on the water much in 2018 and I have had more cancellations than actual trips. The winter weather has been all the talk across our great country and Zapata, TX certainly has not been the exception. Have we been snowed on? You bet and if you look close enough you’ll see Sasquatch in that pic below.



Water temps on Falcon have consistently been in the mid to upper 50’s and Sugar even lower than that. With that said Falcon continues to fish pretty good all things considered. Sugar? Not so much…..Sugar and 53 degree water temps = Skunk caliber fishing. I have had 4 terrific people in my boat so far in 2018. All 4 had great times and didn’t flinch in the face of the adverse conditions thrown at them from ole Mo Nature. Check out the 1st fish of 2018.


Nate didn’t waste any time getting the first Falcon Lake Walrus of 2018 into the net and on a set of scales. This full figured gal went 8.62 lbs. I also broke into the 2018 Walrus club in short order as well with a 7.17 lber.




Here’s a few fish from Jim, Dean, and my main man Carl.

img_3733.jpg img_3867.jpg

img_3871.jpg img_3869.jpg


Those fish pics give you an idea of what we have predominately been catching. Dinks? no……..Walruses? no… 2-4 lb fish? You bet. I know, I know, I know……people don’t come down to Falcon to catch 2 lbers. Not a truer thing has ever been said and you will get no arguments from me. I can’t promise a lot, but fishing and the size of said fish will improve……bet your bottom dollar on it. Baby making time is here and there will be monsters caught.


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