2 bites and…….

……2 fish.





I don’t know what to say……sorry I wish I did. I hit the same stuff I did yesterday and tried to get the same results. I know what you’re thinking…..you’re a dang guide. ADJUST!! I wish you all could of seen me today…..lol. Seriously…..I tried everything, but deep rocks…..I’m talking deep rocks. I tried rocks in the 10 to 12 ft range with zero luck. I started in the Salinais and ended in the Veleno. I tried. I am going back to what I do best tomorrow for the first 5 hours for better or for worse. Deep structure is on the menu and I will let the chips fall where they may.





Here is a pic of one of our fish today……a GIANT. ugh.





My client today is a member of the Falcon Wall of Fame and luckily Jeremy and Chris have seen better days here on Falcon. Here is the fish that put Jeremy on Highstakesbassin’s Falcon Wall of Fame.





Thanks again men.






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