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171 fish(+/- 1 or 2) with 7 lb 11 oz kicker



I’m serious…..we went from 5 fish yesterday to well over 100 today. Heck my man Bill caught 100+ on his own today. There is no punch line folks and I am not lying or over exaggerating. Just a silly day here on Falcon Lake. The only knock? The size left a lot to be desired, but after the 5 fish day from yesterday there wasn’t anybody complaining about fish being on the line. Per the norm my time with the Nagy clan came and went waaaaaaay too fast. My goal to start their trip was to get a group pic with the 3 of them holding walruses together…..that didn’t happen, but it certainly wasn’t for a lack of effort or skill. Peace out men……as always thanks for the continued support and opportunity.





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