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16 pound Sugar Lake WALRUS!!!

I took a couple of poses with the Mega Walrus. My first pose was the “I’m too cool to smile” look.




My next pose I’ll call the “I just hit the lottery laugh” look.



That fish is why you travel down here to South Texas and South of the Border. Sugar Lake Motel just got the Replica in…..pretty nice looking mount if ya ask me. Sure was nice to get back down to Sugar. I heard that the fishing was tough nails and Tony and I decided to go down there and throw our hat into the ring. Well…….the fishing is pretty damn tough to say the least. Low 50’s water temp + rapid amount of water coming and now going = GRIND. (check out the pic below….Sugar has dropped a good 8 to 10 inches in a matter of days. Top of the white was the high mark. Bottom of the white is where it was 24 hours prior and the green below the white is how much it dropped in a days time)


The water coming back down a bit is only going to help the fishing. There are a lot of areas that you would need a kayak and a chainsaw to get to the fish. Tony and I put in a lot of work and covered even more water. Trust me when I tell you…..Sugar is gonna go full Nuclear as soon as she gets stable and the water temps are above 60 degrees. All the grind talk aside…..check out Tony’s Certified USDA choice Sugar Lake Walrus.




Fun times are certainly ahead for us down here on the border. Give me a ring if you want to be a part of the chase.


We have some terrible weather slamming us right now and looks as though I will be off the water a few days…….cya in a day or 4.



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