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14 boated with a 6.76 kicker….

That title doesn’t do today justice. We had 6 big bites and boated just the one. We found a drain that had some pre-spawn fatties laying in it, but they didn’t want to leave without a fight and fight they did. One of the break offs was my fault no question about it. I told G.W. to boat flip a 6 pounder. I had no idea it was that big….thought it was a 4 lber until she showed herself right by the boat when G.W. tried to do the boat flip. G.W. and Mike are both upgrading to 20 lb test fluoro tonight. These men have a chip on their shoulder and will be ready to settle the score with these walruses¬†in the morning. The last two days these guys have started each morning out by telling me…..”just in case we forget to tell you later, we had one hell of good time today”. Pretty freaking cool and yes, a good time will be had tomorrow.

Baits: Baby Brush hogs in W/R with 3/8 oz sinkers and that is literally the only thing that caught fish for us today. We threw the blade off and on with ZERO success.

Where: Thick stuff….both new growth and old growth in 2 to 5 foot of water.

When: Unlike yesterday…..we got bit here and there pretty much all day.




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