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Falcon Report

12 breakfast taco day…….

By September 29, 2012No Comments

……you know your strapped in for the long haul when you bring 12 tacos for a day of fishing. lol. We went out early and came in laaaaaaaaaaaate. Justin was supposed to fish two days, but we decided to cram the two days into one. The wind looks dicey at best tomorrow. We got VERY fortunate with the weather today. We missed all of the little cells that popped up. The fishing you ask? MEEEEHHHHHHHHHH. The first two hours were great. We caught around 20 fish with most between 2-5 lbs. Nothing huge, but still a lot of fun. Then, work and I do mean we had to work the rest of the day until the trolling motor finally gave way. I once again caught the kicker that came in at 8.7. I HATE catching the kicker and I am on a terrible run of doing so. Just luck of the draw. We were fishing a steep ledge and decided to move up on top and throw a square bill. I didn’t have a squarebill so I chucked a 1.5 oz MONSTER spinnerbait and did my best to keep it off the bottom in 5 foot of water. We pelted this area with who knows how many casts and then the ole girl hit the spinnerbait on a cast that was in a foot of water…..amazing. This fish had some fantastic genes and I am not talking Wranglers either. (sorry Brett Favre) This fish was short and built like a brick @#$% house. Greeeeaaat fight. Justin was awesome to fish with and I am a little bummed that I wasn’t able to get him on better fish, but he is a seasoned vet of big fish battles. He currently holds the record at Camelot Bell for a 5 fish stringer……drum roll please. Double nickel, um yeah that’s right……55 lbs. Thanks again Justin and see ya soon.

Total fish: about 35 (20 in the first two hours though)
Best 5: 31 and change
Kicker: 8.7 (mine yet again….double grrrrrr)