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10 days of Sugar Lake starts tomorrow!!!

….and first up is Rob and Sue for three days. These two want to go catching and I can’t think of a better place to go right now unless you are wanting to fly out to Picachos. With that said…..I am gambling man and I certainly would NOT want to bet against Sugar Lake for numbers and certainly not size. People are calling, texting, and emailing me right now. They want me to describe Sugar and it’s tough to describe just how fun it is fishing. Here is what we are going to battle with over the next 3 days.







I have not used any finesse tactics over at Sugar and I am pretty dang pumped up to go over there and try it. Sue and Rob are going to have a blast.


and speaking of a blast…..I spent Friday night with some of my favorite people on the planet. We all got together to celebrate James’ 60th Birthday.




Gosh I love that last pic……..Susan, Mr. Steve, Me and Linda (James’ wife). My Zapata family.


See ya’ll in a few days.





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