1 for 5……….Buddy Select is back with Captain Brock.

Well my 5 day trip is in the books and I can’t say I am overly happy with how I performed to be honest. I had one kick @ss day and 4 terrible days. That is just not acceptable in my book. These guys were an absolute blast to fish with. They were well aware of the current state of Falcon Lake and still made the best of it. Here is the Falcon 6 pack….




Here is a pic of Pat and I.



Pat won the Big bass trophy that they give out every year. His 8.13 while fishing with me yesterday took top honors. Thanks again for the opportunity……and also the ribs and sausage!!!


Here is a look at our biggest bass from today……caught by Big John Stud.





Illinois Dynamic Duo from 2013 and they’re in town for the next 3 days. I swear Brock has grown 29 inches in 12 months…..lol. Vaughn comes down to see me about 4 times a year as you all are well aware of. Vaughn could literally go anywhere on the planet, but chooses to spend his hard earned vacation time and money here in Zapata with me…..thanks mayne.


20130403-215332.jpg  IMG_2207[1]

20130424-221401.jpg  IMG_2509[1]

20130731-180256.jpg  IMG_3118[1]

20130806-174134.jpg  IMG_3134[1]

IMG_3132[1]  20140316-213908.jpg






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