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Falcon Report

1 for 3…..Some pics of the new ride…..New rates

By April 22, 2014No Comments

Dad and I went 1 for 3 today on Walrus bites. We both got beat once and Dad boated a beeeeeeeeauty.


Dad and I fished in the afternoon after getting all the Texas Registration done here in Zapata. We only grabbed 3 rods and a hand full of mag flukes. We couldn’t have had a better time with our old jewel. Check out a few pics.





I know I have mentioned that I have gone up on my rates multiple times already. I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future too. I am trying to eliminate any confusion or surprises. Check out an email I got from an anonymous Highstakesbassin fan today.


I realize that the new prices may cost me a few clients and I don’t take that decision lightly. I work EXTREMELY hard for every dollar that I am fortunate enough to receive from each and every client. I also pour and I do mean POUR money back into my business. Check out a pic of the new reels I purchased for the business.


I run one of the most expensive boats money can buy. I just spent $22,500 dollars for a new back-up boat. I spend countless hours on and off the water to ensure that when you do hire me you are getting the most up to date and recent info possible to make your trip a success. I have spent thousands of dollars on this site and hundreds of hours writing both informative reports and entertaining ones as well……not once a month…..not once a week, but every single day I hit the water and many times even when I don’t. The cost of providing a top notch guided experience is not cheap and nor is it getting cheaper. I want to thank each and every single client that has booked me in the past or is considering booking me in the future. There is no way I can find strong enough words to show my gratitude and hope to see you all again real soon. The link below is to my services page.