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Highstakesbassin Lake Erie Edition


I am back home after an amazing week on Lake Erie with some great friends and family. Overall I would grade the fishing a B+ and the weather an F. Seriously, the weather was as bad as you could get for a July in Erie, PA. Cold front which dropped morning temps into the low 50′s? check…..30 mph winds and storms? check. My goal was to get every single person that stepped on my boat a 6 lb smallie. That didn’t happen, but we caught well over 200 smallies and some world class sheepshead as well. Here is Danny and the biggest smallie of the trip that went 5.42 pounds.




If you are interested in some amazing summer smallmouth action on Lake Erie shoot me an email. There is a very good chance that I am going to add 3 to 5 more trips next year. It was too much fun not to do it again. Check out the in-game posts from the Lake Erie trip on Facebook and while you are there shoot me a “like” on the fan page…..gracias!


IMG_4733[1] IMG_4734[1]

IMG_4743[1] IMG_4765[1]




We are back in Zapata safe and sound……











Falcon Lake gives up another personal best today…..


Quawn and I worked hard for everything we got today! But in the end Quawn landed his new personal best without a moment to spare. Thanks for coming down Quawn……had a great time.


Read about the day on Facebook!




The golf course is calling me tomorrow.


Elmo brings his A – Game to Falcon Lake


Check out the the updates from today that were posted on Facebook…….fun day of catching fish.



The first upgrades to the 521vx are done…..300 War pigs


I have been buying upgrades here and there for the boat when good deals happen my way. Scott Martin hooked me up with a great deal on a Bob’s hydraulic jackplate…….Universal Mania has some great Bird deals and I went with a 959 Humminbird for the bow…..and I recently bought a new Terrova as well from the fishing forums. Unfortunately the Terrova has needed some repairs and it’s not quite ready for prime-time yet.


Well check out the Terrova (my old one) and the 959 install! I went waaaaaaay overboard and bought marine grade wiring etc. and I am pretty pumped up to get this thing on the water. Here are a few pics:














Elmo wasn’t able to get down here until tomorrow afternoon so we are gonna go give it heck Wednesday and then Thursday is Quan and April’s turn to tame Falcon Lake.


The Mrs. and I watched the new 300 movie Last night……so here is a lil Black Sabath War Pigs remix for Music Video Monday.


A great day of fishing followed by….


A straight up beat down on the golf course at the hands of Tommy and James. No sense sugar coating it….I got taken to the woodshed. The worst part about all this? There is a photo of the scorecard floating around cyberspace. Mr. Camera camera got me…….I knew I should of gone fishing again.




Falcon is fishing really, really good right now. Didn’t take me long to figure that out this afternoon. On one hump I caught fish on 17 consecutive casts. (minus a backlash in the middle…lol) I fished for about 4 hours and caught 37 fish. The only thing to really complain about was the quality. I didn’t catch any super dinks, but no walruses either. The weapon of choice was a heavy C-rig with a short 18 to 24 inch leader tipped with a Berkley Powerbait Plum 10 inch worm. I also caught fish on a 10xd (citrus shad), Spro Little John (chart/blue back) and a paydirt custum jig head (ball and chain) tipped with a w/r Mag fluke. The nitro zone depth was 12-15 foot with a depth change and rocks…..I know shocker. I tried both shallower and deeper water in efforts to get a fish bigger than 6 pounds, but no dice. Boy did the wind turn it up to the next level around 5…….other than that, what a fantastic day to be alive on Falcon Lake. I have some dates including 4th of July weekend. Come on down and get in on this fun. I am off to the golf course tomorrow….been a while since I have taken Tommy and James’ money.  I need to get tuned up for my big golf vacation in about a month.



Bought the new hard copy Calendar tonight……


Out with the old…..



In with the new…….(girls picked out the new color)



I always look forward to buying a new calendar every year at this time…..something about that clean slate and getting to mark it up for the first time is fun.

Here is a look at a busy July:



August through December are wiiiiiiide open. Here are a couple of fish from each of those months last year……great time to fish Falcon for sure.

20130730-180033.jpg 20130730-180005.jpg IMG_3253[1] IMG_3237[1]

IMG_3271[1]  IMG_3273[1]  20130925-214946.jpg  20131025-210822.jpg

20131029-171304.jpg  20131103-222431.jpg 20131112-203713.jpg 20131209-191809.jpg 20131224-172621.jpg



If you know you are coming down to fish with me in 2015 (especially January and February) drop me an email or give me a ring. I am starting to field phone calls for those dates already and got my first February booking today.




I am gonna run some water tomorrow in preparation for a busy week ahead. There is a small tourney in town so I will avoid the dam and try not to get too beat up by the wind. I’ll post the results tomorrow.




It’s throw back Thursday on FB!






I will be guiding a couple of days next week here on Falcon. It’s been 1 or 9  days since I have been on the pond, but I will correct that this weekend and I’ll post what I find. The water is still coming up and it looks like we are gonna gain about 5 ft or so. Problem? They are still yanking water from us at a pretty good clip.


                    POOL      POOL     CHANGE    CHANGE   CFS

ANZALDUAS          104.00    104.22     0.30       0.06     2350
FALCON LAKE        301.20    272.45     0.31       4.28     2013
LAKE AMISTAD      1117.00   1075.48     0.03       4.24     1544

That number doesn't include what Mexico is pulling either.


Music Video Monday returns! and a look at the graph


Zapata itself has gotten very little rain with a sprinkle here and there, but West and North of us? A bit more than a sprinkle and it’s showing up in our water levels. The next week ahead holds a lot of promise for more rains……fingers are certainly crossed. Check out the latest water level graph.




The Jefferson’s don’t have anything on us……..we




Music Video Monday makes a return visit with a lil Guns and Roses……June Rain or errrrrr November Rain!


Falcon is on the move…..


…..and more importantly not moving down. Here is a link. If you’re coming down, head south of marker 7. The north end will be chocolate milk making catching fish a tough chore to say the least.


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