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Lee and Bruce on Falcon Lake

Lee and Bruce every handful of months or so take off and explore the world. (well Texas, but that’s close) Their exploration took them to Falcon Lake for a few hours today. I kept these men in open water for the first two hours today and then we moved em into the jungle just long enough to give em a lil taste of it……lol. The good news is that everyone caught fish. You already know the bad news so I’ll clam up and move along. Really enjoyed the beautiful day with these two men, even if it were only a few hours. They want to do a 2 day Sugar trip for one of their next adventures. I’m looking forward to that.

I have Jim and Roy on the books for tomorrow…..all the way from Minnesota.




Great day of scouting with the Falcon Lake Ram

I took out a local today. His name is Ram and he is trying his hand at the guiding business. He and I have done some Facebooking back and forth for a few months. The stars aligned with our schedules so that we were able to meet face to face. I have heard a lot about Ram from various folks here in town and everyone talked highly of him as a person. Who you are as a person is really all that matters to me. We can work on the fishing part. Ram is a firm believer in the 4 F’s……..FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and of course FISHING. My type of fella. He’s got a young family with a newborn baby girl that is just 3 months old. Can he fish?



He just won a small tournament this past weekend here on Falcon with the fish above. Yeah he can fish for sure. I gave Ram a job this afternoon that I wasn’t able to take on the 15th and plan on helping him out when I can. If you see that I’m booked and still need somebody to take you out give me a ring……there’s a good chance the Falcon Ram can accommodate you.


Let’s talk about the fishing today here on Falcon Lake. We covered mid lake and North up the river. I don’t know how many fish we caught. It wasn’t many, but that wasn’t our goal today. We both had areas that we needed to look at and check. These areas should go full on nuclear with the weather forecast that is heading our way……80′s as far as the eye can see. The end of February is wide open on my schedule. If I was any of you reading this, I would email me for a few of those dates. Seriously….Falcon and/or Sugar is going to be straight up SILLY. I don’t say that much, but I’ll say it now. Here are a couple nice pics of fish Ram caught yesterday and today.

IMG_1958.JPG IMG_1952.JPG


I am on the water with Bruce Lee tomorrow.

bruce lee


Ooooooops……I meant Lee and Bruce.







Super Bowl Sunday at Sugar Lake Mexico….




For my money it just doesn’t get any better than that right there. We got on the water around 11 o’clock as James had to open FLT. When we hit the water the bite was on and I mean really on. We boated 11 fish in 2 hours without a dink to be had. I caught one in the 6.5 lb neighborhood. (pictured) and James had a walrus that I should of netted for him. We were flipping and he had that fish banging the side of the boat in about 1.3 seconds. He bent over to lip her and missed a few times and finally she jumped off and swam away. I’m still kicking myself for not jumping down and helping him with the fish. Two factors were working against me. I was on my 5th beer (I know, I know….lightweight and you are correct) and the fact that James has a high dollar retractable fold out net that I was lil intimidated by. He also claims that he hollered for the net……that’s not what I remember, but see the 5 beer part above. It was no DD, but certainly a damn nice fish. I wish I didn’t have to talk about the last 4 hours or so of fishing, but I will. We did a lot of looking and a lot of casting and didn’t so much as get one bite the final 4 hours or so. I have no freaking idea what happened to the bite. Carlos had a guide trip over there and he experienced the same thing. As ole Jimmy Houston would say….fishing is fishing. We woke up this morning to a damn stiff North wind and we opted to come back to Zapata without putting the boat on the water. I’m going to get to hang out with Jaime and the kids which is a good thing. Jaime is coming home at 4……Life’s good. I will be on Falcon tomorrow and will be scouting for some upcoming trips. Here is the pic of my Jr. Sugar Lake Walrus.





Word on the street……

…..Falcon is starting to show signs of walrus activity. A 10 lber and two 8′s from one group of fisherman yesterday and with more great weather on the way? Things could get exciting on ole Falcon real quick like. I am looking forward to that. 

Speaking of walrus activity……I’m enroute to the border! See ya in a few.


Jan and James sit today out….

I got a phone call at 4:30 this morning from James. Jan got sick in the middle of the night. We both didn’t think being on the boat all day would be in anybody’s best interest. I will be off the water tomorrow and spending some family time with my girlies.





Sue and James…..Schedule updates and my eyes

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more tired than I was yesterday after getting off the water. I was falling asleep eating my quarter pounder with the kids at Micky D’s. I got home, took care of the boat, told the kids I loved em and hit the hay at 6:15. The Mrs. came home at 9:30, which I vaguely remember something about her saying that the kids made a milkshake with the blender…..bananas, blueberries, ice cream, whipcream, chocolate syrup and milk. I only know the contents because I was the one who cleaned up the disaster in the morning. Soooooooo let’s talk about Sue and James’ day on Falcon Lake yesterday. We started out deep with the c-rig and whacked the fish. James wanted to try and catch a bigger fish so we went into the jungle. We didn’t last long in there as the wind was howling and we were getting hung up on nearly every cast. When we weren’t hung up the fish weren’t biting in there either. Sooooo we ended the day catching fish on the crigged fluke and Yum dinger. (the 5 inch green pumpkin purple was silly good) We didn’t catch a fish over 2.5 lbs. I got an email this morning asking about where the big fish went to. My answer? I was talking to Tommy at FLT and he thought a lot of these big fish are pushed back into all this new growth we have and not accessible to a boat. I agree with him, but with that said it won’t be long and they will begin to pull out and start to relate to creek channels and hardwoods, etc. We are going to whack some big fish here on Falcon…..sooner than later I would bet. Sue and James went visiting today, but will be back at it tomorrow with me on Falcon Lake.


Here is a look an updated February schedule:



Here is a look at March:



I can’t take anyone to Sugar on the 11th, 12th, and 13th because of a big tournament going on at Sugar Lake. I had to move my trip to the 18th, 19th, and 20th. I also can’t go to Sugar from the 14th thru the 17th as I will be on dog duty with the girlies being out of town. I can still book Falcon during those dates as shown above. As always if you do not see your dates as “booked” please contact me ASAP. Phone calls and emails have been coming in fast and furious with most being about Sugar Lake. As I’ve said before…..I don’t blame you. I really believe a 16 lb fish will be boated in 2016 on Sugar Lake. Will it be my boat? Time will tell.


I got some great news at the eye doctor today. My infection is gone and my eye pressure is back in the normal range….still high, but not alarming high like it was last week. Needless to say I was skipping out of there like I hit the powerball.


See ya tomorrow.










Wes and Craig whackfest part deux

We spent yesterday as far South as you could go and today we went about as far North as you can go. These guys whacked em yesterday and did the same again today, but once again Falcon Lake just won’t through my clients and I a damn big fish bone. The water we fished today was so freaking beautiful and I wanna thank Lonnie and crew for helping me with the area. Between that group and James I really had the area dialed in. It looks a lot different than last March and…….

thats a fact jack


Wes and Craig were straight up great to fish with. I wish I could of put em on the motherload of Falcon Lake walruses, but that just isn’t happening right now. Will it happen tomorrow?, next week?, next month? Only Mo Nature knows. If the only thing you care about are 7 to 10 lb fish you need to pick a different lake than Falcon. The truth hurts. If you want to come down to Falcon and whack on fish with the chance of catching a 7 to 10 lb fish, come on down, I would love to have you. I’m booked tomorrow here on Falcon again and I will do everything humanly possible to put James and Jan on the fish with hopes of a big girlie mixed in.





A whackfest on Falcon and the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten…..

Wes and Craig caught 33.17 million fish on Falcon today…..from two foot to twenty. From 6xds to traps to trigs to crigs and on and on and on. It was a fun day of setting the hook for these guys. The only problem? I probably don’t have to say it, but I will. The size of these future walruses left a lot to be desired. Wes and Craig still had a grade A time and man did they hook me up with the best freaking sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Good freaking grief was it unbelievable…….drool factor was off the charts. It was pulled pork with onions, jalapeños, and BBQ sauce. I’m serious… was silly good. I have these two men tomorrow. We have a re-tooled gameplan thanks to Clifford, Ronnie, and Sir James hooking a brother up with some secret honey holes that they found. It’s tough to do this job alone……let me re-phrase. It’s impossible to do this job alone. It pays to have friends in high places.


See ya’ll on the flipside,




David’s Most Excellent Sugar Lake Adventure

David came to Falcon Lake and fished with me back in October of 2013. He had a trip of a lifetime which included a personal best 8-01 lb walrus as pictured below.



Fast forward to January 29th, 2016. David is back only this time he has a serious Sugar Lake itch that he needs to scratch. David didn’t just beat his personal best once……he beat it twice.


Here is his 9-13 from Saturday.



David decided to do his best Jimmy Houston impersonation……hey he was Sugar Lake after all.



…….And the second time he beat his personal best was nothing short of epic and a true fish of a lifetime.



His new personal best, after today, now sits at 11-15. I blacked out multiple times throughout the epic fight. Seriously blacked out……we saw this beast multiple times and I will be the first to come clean and admit this. I thought it was 13+ when she first came out of the water. She was just so damn massive. If David makes one wrong move with that fish or I don’t net her on the first try she would of been gone. Check out the hook placement.


Yes, that is all that was connecting that fish to David’s hook. David and I trembled with excitement for damn near 30 minutes after boating that Mega Walrus. I still am getting goosebumps as I type this.

IMG_1924.JPG IMG_1925.JPG


Here are few more of David’s fish from the last three days. We boated so many quality fish. It was rare to set the hook on a fish that was under 4 pounds. Sooooooo dag gone fun.

IMG_1914.JPG IMG_1927.JPG



The second day we decided to eat fried fish. We almost didn’t catch enough eaters (under 3 lbs), but as you can see yours truly delivered….lol, I was the only one who caught eaters. David was too busy catching Walruses and Jr. Walruses. Here is a pic with Juan holding our dinner. And speaking of Juan…..that guy is so freaking awesome at what he does, which is everything. He always has a smile on his face and works as hard as anybody on this continent.


Gracias amigo. And speaking of thanks……….A trip like this on Sugar Lake would not of been possible if it weren’t for so many people helping me along the way. I’m going to get a lil sappy or soft or whatever. Some of these people are, in no particular order: Tommy Law, Jimmy Behnken, Carlos Olivares, Buck, Noe, Ray, Artemio, Juan and last, but certainly not least Sir James. I texted James on the 24th and asked him to go on another scouting run with me…….a serious one and I know he has a lot of irons in the fire right now, but he knew I was sweating a bit about the quality of fish I was on after our last scouting run. If he doesn’t head over with me Monday this type of trip would not of happened. We found the motherload and it paid off.






Lonnie and Cliff hit a perfect day on Sugar Lake.

What a great day to be alive. Did it start out a bit cold? You bet ya….try 31 degrees at launch, but it warmed up into the low 70′s by the time we got off the water. Lonnie and Cliff caught 27 today and only one of those 27 was a dink. The overall quality on Sugar right now pretty damn good. Am I talking 8-10 lbers every cast? Nah, let’s bring that down a few notches to 3-5 lbers every fish with an occasional 6 or 7 mixed in for good measure. With that said, every single time I dunk my boat into that water I fully expect that my client will catch a DD. The expectations, and rightfully so, are through the roof. There are DD’s being pulled right now from Sugar on a daily basis. Here are a few pics of the type of fish that we were bringing to the boat today.



IMG_1892-0.jpg IMG_1886-0.jpg



Thanks for the opportunity men! Hope to see ya’ll down here in the summer.




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