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My last trip for February 2015…..


…certainly didn’t go out with a bang, but rather a snot rocket or 13.




What a crock of shit. Do you see the “feels like” temperature? 34?….. No#$%&ing way. More like -34 and that was at 1 this afternoon! I took a pic of Dr. Jack this morning waiting for his first bite.

dr jack freezing


This February was the best February I have had in two years. Numbers were waaaaaay up and more days than not, brought opportunities at elite level fish. Did we boat a lot of those fish?… Not exactly, but just having them on and seeing them damn near daily was worth the price of admission. Here is the pic of my last February 2015 fish. She was a good one and I got lucky to boat her. I under estimated her size and went to boat flip and she broke my line. I thought at first that she had broke my rod. Luckily she broke off and landed in the boat for a nice photo op.



With the end of February fast approaching my calendar is just about maxed out March. Take a quick look below at the next three months. If you see a day or two that looks interesting give me a shout. I am probably only going to book one or two more days in March.







See ya in March.




Called into action!


Brandon and Vernon read my report this morning and saw that I had a cancelation today so they shot me a text to see I would take em out. Man am I glad they did. I just wish I could of done more for em. The last two hours today were pretty good and at one point I was confident they would get bit every time they pitched out there. Now before that last two hour stretch? Good grief it was tough. I’m taking Dr. Jack back out tomorrow. He did not have the day he was hoping for on his own today. Another front will drop the morning temps into the 30′s with the afternoon temps not looking much better.


Dr. Jack’s full day and a FRIENDLY public service announcement


Today was a straight up disappointment let there be no doubt. It was not for a lack of effort or gas money, but today sucked. We caught 12 fish (+/-) and not one single bite worth a rudy toot poot. We caught two that might and I do mean might of hit 4 lbs. The rest? 2.5 lbs and under. When I say gas money I mean it……Salinias to the the river? Yep. No good on either end. I will not sit at home and pout about it. I got a last minute cancellation for tomorrow. I will be out tomorrow regardless…..looking for that pot of Largemouth gold. I’ll let you know what I find.



To the public service announcement and please I hope nobody takes this the wrong way. A red Triton nearly hit me in the Salinias today because he did not understand the picture below.




I was going to say more, but if you understand one thing about boating understand that picture above. The link below is from Boat US……everyone that owns a boat should check it out and refresh your memory so that you will not be the reason for a potential deadly accident.


Talk to you tomorrow highstakesbassin fans.




Dr. Jack is back! Big Ben’s 10 lber and Linda with a mini W


Dr.J made it to Zapata around 1 pm this afternoon. He drove in from Oklahoma and most of you know the weather between Oklahoma and here has been brutal. I’m glad he made it here safely. He has some stories from his journey that I won’t even talk about….lol, the things we do to catch a green fish. I got Doc out without a moment to spare and we got on em quick. We caught 1 dink, three 3 lbers and I caught 2 in the 5 lb class and had a few other misses. A very productive afternoon. We have a full day on the books tomorrow.
I totally forgot about one heck of an accomplishment for Ben, Bo, and Linda. Ben boated a 10 lber while he was down and I’ve got the pic!! Now I would love to take credit for his 10 lber, but truth is he caught this in area they found on their own. Check out Linda’s mini walrus as well




Scott and Dal…..


…..Saw what A falcon lake walrus does to 15 lb test mono. Sure was fun as the big ole girl went airborne 3 different times before heading to that favorite tree of mine. Ole Ricky retama……he’s a mean mother%#*!er. We whacked on plenty of fish and had two walrus opportunities. 90% of our fish today were small and I’m talking 0.25 small…..was still fun to whack on em though. I have tomorrow off with the nasty front looming. Talk to you in a couple days


Laptop down….joel and chad day 2


Well I go through laptops like most go through toilet paper. My reports are gonna be…..I guess boring, at least till I get back up and running. Today was a pretty dang good day for us. Especially if you take out the 3 hours between 8 and 11. We started out on fire and then not a single bite for three hours. Then all heck broke loose….not one, not two, but three big ole girlies had their way with my men. We only had about a 16 lb bag, but certainly had our shots at glory. Joel and Chad will have their walrus revenge soon enough. I have another trip on the books tomorrow. It will be a show and tell trip…..with a lot of showing and telling. These guys just moved to south Texas and want an introduction to Falcon Lake. I will be in their ride so the ole z522 will remain in the stable for this one.


Breaking the law… ba breaking the law!



That was me today at the State Park this morning……lol. I never go through the ticket line in the morning as I have a State Park pass. I simply go around and check in at the end of the day. Well in order to go around you have to drive through a do not enter one way stretch for about 20 yards. At 6 AM its not a high risk proposition to say the least. Soooooooo on I went and blam a state cop was waiting for me and on came the lights.




Luis was cool and saw that I was a local. He sent me along my way so I could get my guys to the water as fast as possible.


The fishing was pretty good  today. We had two breakoffs and a retama claimed a big ole girl as well. We still caught a lot of quality 2 to 4 lb fish and our best 5 would of been in that 22 lb range. Speaking of best 5, Basschamps is in town and will be on the water tomorrow. Looks like a great turnout.

Basschamps predictions (5 fish limit this year):

1st place:28.35 lbs

Check line 15.08 lbs

Big bass: 11.45 lbs


Good luck everyone and please be courteous and patient with those sharing the water with you. It will be busy and very crowded in the more popular creeks. I’ll be out there with Joel and Chad for another round. After the two breakoffs Chad is loading up with some braid and can’t say that I blame him.


IMG_6253[1] IMG_6252[1]

IMG_6254[1] IMG_6256[1]







From sun up to sun down……


…..From the river to the dam and back again. I’m beat. Remember my goal for today? Get Linda, Bo, and Ben a walrus. That straight up didn’t happen and didn’t come close to happening either. We caught our first fish with fog still in the air this morning. We were ready to kick some serious Falcon Booty. We caught 1 more fish by the 11 o’clock mark. We then hit a restroom break and made a big move. It paid off and everyone caught fish, but the only problem was size. I just could not get on any sort of big fish bite and not even nice bucks for that matter. We caught several 0.25 to 1.25 lb fish today from 6 ft of water to 12 inches. Our best fish was a damn catfish which hit a flippin jig in 2 FOW. Go figure. I take it pretty hard when I don’t deliver the goods and today was certainly one of those days. I am hopeful in the coming days these three will load up my phone with pics. (I really want Linda to get her a walrus in the WORST of ways) Good luck the rest of the week…please be safe.



Well we talked about the sun up part…..let’s talk about the sun down part. Two friends of mine are in town for a couple of days to fish with me and when I was pulling my boat out I saw them heading to the water to fish from the bank. I dropped off my clients from today and headed back to the lake to see if these guys were game for a little late night rendezvous with ole Falcon. They were more than game. We made a pretty dang long run, but it paid off as these guys started whacking the fish instantly……but wait for it…..waaaaait for it. Yeah once again the bass were size challenged.


size doesnt matter

slow clap gif





Another scouting day, but……


…not nearly as productive as the last one, well at least fish catching wise. I launched down South today and man was I pumped to hit my offshore stuff after catching the heck out of em on Monday up on the North end in 20 plus FOW. I spent 3 hours and 15 minutes without a single bite. The frustrating part? I marked bait….I marked bass…I marked my drop shot in front of their face and I could not get them to bite. I really got stubborn and I’ll admit to that. I started out with the 10xd, then crig, then the drop shot. Every single spot I went to was the same story. They are there……you can bank on it. They weren’t there a month ago. You could motor over some prime real-estate and not so much as have a shad fart on your screen. I really believe that front we just got hit with really F’ed the bite up this morning…..especially after reading Tommy’s report tonight. As bad as it was in the morning for me, it was the polar opposite in the afternoon after I moved into the jungle. I didn’t have any big girl bites that I know of, but all of my fish were 2-4 lb fun fish…..nary a dink was caught today.



Fished from 8:30 – 2:00

8 bites

6 boated

every single fish was caught on ……you guessed it a baby brush hog. I did throw the heck out of a spinnerbait too. NOT one single bite.


I am back at it tomorrow with Bo, Linda, and Ben. Here is my written goal for them tomorrow.


Goal #1

Each BOAT a walrus.

There it is in writing……check back in tomorrow to see if Goal #1 was met.




Major success today…..


…..17 fish caught from 8:30 to 1:00. All under 4 lbs, but only one real dink. So why the major success? Let’s talk about it. I ran to a creek mid lake to try and get on a few fish in there and I zeroed…..yep. ZIP NADA….not even a bite. From there I hit a favorite off shore spot of mine and literally first cast with my 10xd I caught a fish. (it was that dink mentioned above) Now this fish, no joke, was about an inch bigger that the 10xd. I would of taken a dumbass SELFIE of it, but it flipped off as I was grabbing for it. It wanted to be famous and my goodness was that little snot a mean SOB. I threw that 10xd till my dang arm nearly fell off there and not another bite. I grabbed my crig and first cast with that I caught a fish…, then you guessed it. Nothing……Every single off shore spot produced at least one fish. The best spot though was the last one I fished and I wasn’t even going to fish it until my screen lit up like a dag gone Christmas tree. I threw the brakes on and did a U turn and proceeded to whack the tar out of em, but at that time we were starting to get POUNDED by a strong North wind that I knew was coming. Right now Chad and Joel (clients for Friday and Saturday) are like…..(click on GIF)




…lol. You see they have wanted to hit the jungle for three years now and EVERY time they have come down I have them bobbing around in the middle of the lake chunking 6xds and/or crigs. Now before you start a pity party for these two men, realize that they have had some incredible days with me…..just not inside of 20 feet. Notice you don’t see a lot of Shore in the background of the pics below.




Fear not my friends…..I didn’t hit any of the creeks I’m dialed in at. Don’t worry you can continue the Guns N Roses medley.



But bring down the crigs and 6xds just in case.


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