Figured I would hurry up and get the bad news out of the way really quick like. Over the past month or so I have seen very few time periods here on Falcon where the numbers of fish being caught were so low. We probably have averaged about 10 fish a day with a low of 3 fish for a half day and a high of 31 fish. Now that the gloom and doom portion of this write up is over with….I’ll tell you that my last two days here on Falcon with Grady and his Dad David were awesome and we had fish hooked up on the final day that would of pushed us to that 40 lb stringer mark. David SHATTERED his personal best with the 10.82 MEGA walrus below.




My BOIIII from Illinois came down for some walrus hunting and had some tough luck boating a couple of em, but did get his revenge on this BEAUTIFUL near miss MEGA walrus that went 9.83 lbs.



I made this picture big because I wanted to do the smile (not the fish) justice. That smile right there is what I live for. Straight up what I live to see day in and day out. That pic up there is a top 14 pic in the history of High Stakes Bassin dot com. Number one it makes that 9.83 look 12 and number two…….that million dollar smile. Thanks for the many many many many years of support Vaughn. My familia and business certainly have appreciated it all these years.


I also got into the walrus mix as well during a scouting trip with Mr. James.



Here are some more Walruses and Jr. Walruses from the past month or so.

img_1986.jpg img_2033.jpg

img_2011.jpg img_2003.jpg

img_2036.jpg img_2072.jpg

img_2056.jpg img_2004.jpg

img_2074.jpg img_2032.jpg

img_2063.jpg img_2085.jpg

img_2076.jpg img_1042.jpg


Here is a look at my updated August schedule… a nice lil busy stretch there, but plenty of walrus hunting opportunities. Give me a holler and we will get after em.