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High Stakes Bassin Corona update (April 5th)

I hate to have to do this, but I am postponing all trips through May.


Two main reasons this is being done:

1.) Wife works in the medical/therapy field. Her patients fall into two categories… borns and the elderly.(who recently fought off a stroke)

2.) My oldest daughter Sierra has struggled with respiratory issues her whole life including an involved surgery 2 years ago.

There are exceptions and I will still take a select few fishing. You have to meet the criteria below.

1.) Minimal contact with folks outside your immediate family

2.) Drive directly to Falcon to fish with me for the day. (No overnight stays unless you have your own place here in Zapata or it’s same day fishing only)

Please text, email, or call if you have questions.



Coronavirus and the current state of High Stakes Bassin dot com

Well here we are. I was sincerely hoping that the words Corona or Coronavirus or Covid-19, or whatever else you wanna call it, would not of needed to be put into print here on these pages. The reality for me is that my end of March and my entire April has canceled. (except for 4 days in April that are drive in clients and two of those days are drive ins alllllllllll the way from California that are also bringing their own boat) 2020 has been an incredibly slow year for me. (mainly because of me telling folks to not come down because of the terrible fishing here on Falcon during the months of December through February) Now that the fishing has gotten significantly more consistent and heading into the best time of year to be on this lake (March – November) we run into a damn global pandemic. Listen folks I minimized this thing for weeks and chalked it up to media bullshit. I’ll tell you the very second it hit home that this wasn’t bullshit. I was driving back from Missouri with the new boat and my cellphone alerts went crazy with the news that the NBA was postponing their season. Another anvil drop of reality for me was when my home away from home decided to completely shut down and go dark. Las Vegas ain’t completely shutting down just for the hell of it folks. That’s a multi Trillion dollar machine that literally just straight up pulled the plug seemingly overnight.


As far as how this affects my business? Yeah it sucks, but we are prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. My wife, who works in the therapy/medical world, is still working everyday 7 days a week. Now she looks like a hazmat worker when she goes in to visit patients, but her clientele is either newborns or elderly so caution is a must. Our oldest daughter also has had respiratory issues her whole life. So we are being as careful as possible too. Sooooooo should you come down right now and fish Falcon with me? That’s a question that I’m getting a lot and I wish I had the right answer for each specific individual that has asked me that. The common theme of my cancellations over the next 6 weeks? Each trip had at least one individual North of 70 years old. My main man Elmo wanted to come down and fish with me this week. I told him to stay put and I’ll come to him and fish out of his Bass Whacking Wagon.



We had a blast fishing Choke. (he has a house there……and he’s trying to sell it if anyone reading this is interested in owning a house on this wonderful fishery) Pictured is Elmo working his frog……was a lot of fun seeing so many damn topwater strikes. Been a looooooooooong time. No picture fish for us, but it was a lot of fun just to get with Sir Elmo and enjoy a dag gone beautiful day on the water. I had clients from the great state of Kansas come down to fish with me last week. They canceled their flights and jumped into their truck and made the 12 hour drive. The fishing was ok I guess……I was expecting 50 fish days to be honest and we struggled to hit 20 each day. We did, however, catch a few walruses including Mike’s new personal best of 8.74 lbs.



and Jim dam (n) near hitting the MEGA walrus category with his 9 something pounder. (sorry forgot the exact weight)


Here are a few more walruses from that trip….

img_1606.jpg img_1623.jpg



Clay also came down to fish with me for two days and it turned out to be just 6 hours as the weather kicked our ass to say the very least, but Clay caught about a 30 lb bag on his own with his best 5 looking like picture below.


No walruses but a bunch of Jr. Walruses……Ole Clayboa doing what Clayboa does here on Falcon Lake.


High Stakes Bassin fam please take care of yourself. Jaime, I and the kids aren’t going anywhere. This too shall pass…….

I also want to keep my oilfield friends and family in our thoughts and prayers. That industry is doing what it does….the peaks are awesome, but the valleys are disastrous. Tough, tough, TOUGH line of work to be in.


Be safe, be smart…..see ya soon.




Numbers are waaaaay up and a new whip

Falcon is spitting out some serious numbers of fish right now. Problem is the quality has taken a nose dive……at least in my boat. We caught 71 the other day without a single fish over 3 lbs. Now that right there is awfully tough to do here on Falcon Lake, but by God we did it. With that said each and everyday somebody on the lake runs into a monster. When it’s your time it’s your time and the only way it will ever be your time is with a line in the water. So if you’re down here and struggling to catch a good one just know we all are having to wade through small fish right now. It could be worse and we’ve seen it worse not long ago. I would rather be wading through half pound fish than wondering when my next bite will be. I heard of a 10 lber caught by a fella fishing for white bass of all things. Like I said when it’s your time it’s your time. Here are a few pics from some recent trips.

img_1406.jpg img_1405.jpg



and yes the crappie are still very VERY active…….I caught a 2.21 pounder the other day on a dag gone 6 inch senko. Here’s a good one that Justin caught.



And speaking of Justin…….Him and his Grandpa were my first ever clients. Justin was fresh out of college at the ripe ole age of 22. Fast forward to now, he is 31 and heading to med school with a few white hairs in the mix. Where in the Sam HECK does time go. Here is a double from his trip last week. Good times were once again certainly had.


I also got to take out my main lil man Tobin last week……he caught a tough freaking wind day, but he damn sure made the best of it.


as you can see by the pic below ole Falcon took him to the canvas.



I also picked up a new boat this week.


……and Sir James did the honors of catching the first fish.


We will call that a Micro Walrus and my first fish….. a Mini Walrus.


and the biggest catch of the day went to me……..


If anyone kicked this over their boat at the dam recently give me a shout……it’s currently at Falcon Lake Tackle. Busy days ahead here along the border and the fish be a biting.



8 years in the making and Falcon showing signs of life.

8 years ago Laura (at the time was Danny’s girlfriend) bought him a guided trip here on Falcon Lake with me. The three of us had a terrific time. Both Danny and Laura caught personal bests that day, but it was the one that got away that would bring Danny back to the border, trip after trip after trip. For 8 years Danny would chase the ever elusive Double Digit MEGA WALRUS with me…….both here in Texas and across the border at Sugar Lake. Over these 8 years he had two other legit opportunities get away from him. He also caught a 9 lb 14 oz near miss MEGA Walrus. Danny has a few roles in my life……client, High Stakes Bassin Senior VP of the Board of Directors, and most importantly a terrific friend. Soooooooo to see him boat his first ever DD was beyond special.



She went 10.64 lbs…….next up? The 11 pound club.


Falcon Lake went full NUCLEAR for about a 3.5 day stretch. Water temps pushed 70 degrees and it got crazy… nearly 200 fish type crazy over that span. The most amazing thing was the quality…..of the 200 fish I guarantee 97% of them were keepers. Now listen, most were between 1.5 pounds and 3.5 lbs, but damn that’s a lot of fun. My man Brian came down and caught two that were busting at the seams. (one just shy of 7 and the other just shy of 8)

img_1371.jpg img_1372.jpg


Here are some typical fish that are being caught….fun, healthy, fighting son of a guns.

img_1381.jpg img_1380.jpg

img_1385.jpg img_1382.jpg

img_1386.jpg img_1379.jpg

img_1387.jpg img_1388.jpg


If this looks like a good time give me a holler and we will get you in the books and on the border whacking and stacking.



Slow beginning to 2020 moves forward……slowly.

A couple of weeks back I thought the fishing was fixing to explode. I took my girlies out for a few hours and every damn species in the lake was biting. Here are some pics from the carnage.

img_1290.jpg img_1289.jpg

img_1285.jpg img_1284.jpg

img_1291.jpg img_1288.jpg


As you can see …..Sierra had a day including a carp on a crappie rig. For about 30 seconds I thought a MEGA walrus had been duped by a half inch crappie jig. I talked to several folks that fished that day and 85% of em had smiles. Life was good and Falcon Lake was going to go bonkers heading into February. Well fast forward to today…February 11th. I have been on the water 4 times. Twice with clients in 30 mph hurricane force winds. Neither day made noon and one of the days didn’t make 11. I am happy to report no skunks and 7 fish between the two days were caught. All seven fish were clone 2 pound males. The other two times I have been on the water was to run my boat more so than to fish. I do not want to beat up Falcon Lake anymore. So I am not and will focus on the positives.

Positive #1

The lake is in GREAT shape. We are sitting at 264. Our water levels could be better, but 264 is a great depth and I have caught a bazillion fish at this depth over the years.


Positive #2

The lake is LOADED full of fish and just as importantly BAIT. You can’t flip your side scan on and not see shad EVERYWHERE. The lake isn’t fishing slow because of a lack of fish.


Positive #3

If you are reading this and have waited to come down….congrats. You have rolled the dice and won. How long should you wait to come down? Man I wish I had the answer, but I can damn near promise you…..glory is coming.


Positive #4

Even during these tough tough tough times the last 6 weeks or so there have been magical days and fish caught. Heck you only have to go back one day to yesterday. John Adami had a client catch a near miss 11 pounder. Was it a grind? Did they have to put their hard hats on? Sure…..but the payoff here on Falcon Lake can be truly magical.



I have a heck of busy stretch coming and I am going to not only be guiding on Falcon during that stretch, but will be guiding on 3 other lakes as well. Gonna be a fun ride. If you see an opening on the calendar that you like……holler!




Louisiana’s Finest and Sweet 16

Well the three day trip with Rusty and Ron has come and gone. Always look forward to their trips from the time I get the text that they’re coming to the time they’re in my boat. The fishing was as advertised. The first day and last day was a grind, but the middle day turned into a whackfest out of nowhere. The biggest problem over the 3 days wasn’t the number of bites necessarily, but the quality of the bite after the front was pretty poor all three days. We caught fish from 1 foot of water out to 18 foot and everywhere in between. Lures that caught fish were: Spinnerbait, squarebill, deep diving crank, small fluke and senko. The best depth? 10-15 foot. The best structure? rock/gravel. The best bait?senko followed by the crank. We took a pic each day of the type of fish that was being boated…..

img_1249.jpg img_1246.jpg



We always take a pic together after our trip and this time James from Falcon Lake Tackle did the honors. (and if ya ask me he did a damn good job)



That’s a hell of pair to draw to right there. Thanks, as always, for supporting my business fellas.


This week was also Sierra’s 16 birthday. Sierra is starting to hit those ages now that I still remember from my high school days. When I was her age I was rehabbing a blown out knee courtesy of a cut block in football. I was hell bent on playing baseball in the Spring whether I could run or not. I didn’t pitch that year as I didn’t have enough confidence in pushing off of the right knee. Spent most of the year DHing and limping around the bases. 10th grade was also the year Jaime seemingly appeared out of nowhere into my life and would later become my beautiful bride. I also wrecked about 71 cars. I was that punk, dumbass kid that didn’t respect a vehicle from ages 16 to 19. By the grace of God my friends and I all survived that time period. I can’t say the same for all of our cars however. Holy detour down memory lane…… are a few pics from BiggiE’s birthday.

img_1255.jpg img_1263.jpg


….and here are her friends.



I Know I have mentioned this many times over, but I’ll mention it again. My girlies have the best friends that any parent could possibly hope and pray for.


See ya on the water Fam!



Bass Champs results and the week ahead.

The results are in BOLD.


Alright…..tis the season for my Basschamps predictions which I enjoy doing year after year.


Winning best 5 fish stringer: 26.73 lbs

The team of Salvagno and Marbach paced the field with a very nice winning stringer of 26.20 lbs.


Big Bass: 11.14 lbs (not caught by the winners and would not surprise me if that is the only fish weighed for that team)

Team Schott & Schott boated the big fish of the tournament that weighed 10.20 lbs. They came in 8th place with 20.51 lbs.


Check line: 13.97 lbs

I was off by nearly 3 lbs here. The check line came in at a very nice 16.72 lbs.


Last year’s Bass champs I predicted that 50% of the field wouldn’t weigh a limit of 5 fish. The tournament had 52% NOT weigh a limit of fish. This year? I am putting that % all the way up to 75%. That’s right…..75 % of the field will not weigh a limit of fish. Best of luck out there Champs…..always the creme of the South Texas crop.

Falcon had 142 boats fish this Basschamps tournament. 105 did not weigh a 5 fish bag. That comes to 73.9% of the field did NOT weigh a 5 fish limit. Going one step further…..63 teams did not weigh a fish. (44%)


Folks, I do NOT enjoy having to tell the world the fishing stinks right now. I do NOT enjoy accurately predicting that nearly 3/4 of the very best South Texas anglers would NOT weigh a 5 fish limit. I get no joy in any of it……the reality is that it’s costing me money, but like I said in my last report. I will always, always, always keep it real and never not one time sugar coat a damn thing when it comes to fishing along this border. With that said…..when I send out the all call to get on down here ASAP? All of you reading this will know I mean it with all my heart.


I am working the next three days with two of Louisiana’s finest men. Rusty and Ron had been planning this trip for months and with planes, hotels, jobs and vacation days accounted for, this trip was going to happen. These fellas have hit both Sugar and Falcon with me in the past and have had straight up bonker trips including Ron’s MEGA walrus from two years ago.



Rusty also hammered the walruses with this 9 and change near miss MEGA walrus of his own from that same trip.



We have a strong Northerner hitting now and temps will be on a free fall over the next three days. I am hoping against hope that this fires these fish up and NOT completely lock them up. One thing is for certain….I have the utmost confidence in these men and can’t wait to share a boat with them over the next three days. See ya in a few days fam.




Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllloooooooow start to 2020 and the first Basschamps prediction of 2020.

Slow? Yeah you bet… more ways than one. As of this writing I have had 0…..nada….no jobs. Much of that is my fault to a degree. When folks call me and the first words out of their mouth is…”Hows the fishing Jay?” I will always shoot my clients as straight as possible. Good, Bad, or UGLY…..and right now Falcon is fishing as ugly as I’ve seen in quite some time. I have had between 8 and 12 days this month that I could of booked if I wanted to be less than truthful about Falcon’s current state of fishing. I just can’t do it though and if that means 1 less Vegas trip(or 0) this year than so be it. I know how valuable time off and vacations are to folks…..been there. My Dad and I got lied to many a year ago on a trip. (NOT in Texas….and won’t out the place either) I know what it was like to spend 11 months looking forward to a fishing trip and bankrupting the family to do it. Hell, every year my Dad would sell 2 to 3 guns the week before we left just to make damn sure we had that trip of a lifetime. With all that gloom and doom said, has there been some good days had here on Falcon in January? Sure…….has there been some good fish caught on the lake? Sure. The predominant bite still has been offshore. We just have not had that real cold snap to get these fish out of that pattern. We are also pulling water. That REALLY doesn’t help fish move shallow. Our first prolonged cold snap is inbound and will be here Sunday. I think the lakes fishing dynamics will change a great deal and hopefully for the good. I have been on the lake 4 times this month. I spent 90% of my time on the water trying to be the first to find the first major wave of 2020 spawners. To say I struck out would be the understatement of the early decade. I stumbled onto one flat that had a bunch of males on it. I thought for sure I had a mother load fixing to move on up in that area……NEGATIVE. The 10% that I spent offshore was productive, but good grief….cast after cast after cast after cast after cast with a crankbait and finally one would load up(the definition of a grind)………here is the first walrus of 2020 for High Stakes Bassin. Good days are ahead folks…..I promise.



Alright…..tis the season for my Basschamps predictions which I enjoy doing year after year.


Winning best 5 fish stringer: 26.73 lbs

Big Bass: 11.14 lbs (not caught by the winners and would not surprise me if that is the only fish weighed for that team)

Check line: 13.97 lbs

Last year’s Bass champs I predicted that 50% of the field wouldn’t weigh a limit of 5 fish. The tournament had 52% NOT weigh a limit of fish. This year? I am putting that % all the way up to 75%. That’s right…..75 % of the field will not weigh a limit of fish. Best of luck out there Champs…..always the creme of the South Texas crop.



HIGHSTAKESBASSIN.COM 2019 – A Year and Decade in Review

8 years……8 freaking years. I have spent the last several hours going all the way back to my blog days, pre- High Stakes Bassin, reminiscing. I won’t lie….a few tears were shed and a lot of laughs too. Zapata, TX has blessed my family with sooooooo much. I wish I had pictures of everyone in this town that I see on a weekly if not daily basis. From the ladies at the bank, Mike at the Valero gas station, Nacho from Zapata National, the ladies at the Subway, the folks at Tractor Supply, my wonderful neighbors and the folks who live in my neighborhood, the teachers, coaches and custodial staff at the schools, Abby from the clinic, etc, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on and on. I know I have said this many times over, but Zapata, TX is the most special (don’t mind my grammar) community I have ever been a part of. And of course there is all of you out there that have come to Zapata, TX to fish Falcon or Sugar Lake with me. I have no words to properly express my gratitude. My family thanks you many times over. Let’s get to the meat of this report and as the title says…..let’s put a bow on 2019 and take a look back at the year that was 2019.


January –

2019 started off with a grrrrrrrreat rattle trap bite in the creeks. All you had to do is find new growth and fence lines and it was on like Donkey Kong most days. Here are a few nice fish that fell for that pattern.

img_5721.jpg img_5683.jpg


January also saw Dave get a new personal best that nearly went 10 lbs.



February –

It was all about warm weather in February…..when we got a warming trend it was bonkers. When we didn’t? It was tough sledding. The pattern changed dramatically as well. It was all about pitching and flipping in February. This pattern would remain the go to pattern for the next couple of months as well. It wasn’t till mid April until we started to get out of the hardwoods and bushes. The best pitching bait? Berkley Havoc Pit Bosses. The key was rigging them without a peg and a 4/0 heavy gauge flipping hook. (drastically improved the hook up %) Here are a few that were caught using those tactics.


img_5859.jpg img_5829.jpg


and my girlies got into the act in February as well….

img_5797.jpg img_5810.jpg

February also marked the beginning of our house addition. What a loooooooooooong process that would begin.

img_5841.jpg img_5900.jpg


March –

As mentioned above the bite was still knee deep in the timber and as can be seen in the background of these picks hardwoods were a major player. Another big player was the terrible weather we had most of the month. Very uncharacteristic for the month of March here on Falcon. Here are a few good ones from March.


img_5930.jpg img_5925.jpg


April –

The month of April is when 2019 started to go full nuclear. I’m serious, an epic epic epic run that would last through the summer. This was probably my favorite month of 2019. The lake was fishing as big as it has in years. Did you want to pitch plastics shallow? Go ahead there was a fish in every tree. Did you want to crank out on humps and points? Grab ya a 6xd and and plow rocks for great day. April was also the only month of the year where I got into a damn good crankbait bite. For whatever reason this year I just could not get the deep crankbait bite, that Falcon is known for, going. April was the lone exception. April was also the first month that I got to see my folks. Mom and Dad came down to the border to have some quality time and to get into 80 degree weather. Here are a few good ones from April including the first DD of 2019.


img_6037.jpg img_0167.jpg

img_6075.jpg img_6029.jpg


May –

Falcon continued to fish HUGE. So much dag gone fun……most trips were spent 50/50 offshore and in the hardwoods. We had an absolute blast. I did have a scare with my back which unfortunately limited my trips this month. Luckily I made a full recovery and knock on wood we’ve been in good shape the rest of 2019. May also marked my first trip to Vegas for 2019 as well. It produced one of my very favorite photos of my Mom and I.


I will have it framed no question.

Here are a few WALRUSES from May including Glenn’s new personal best.


img_1686.jpg img_6099.jpg


June –

The full on off shore bite was in full swing and it was truly magical. We were chunking BIG plastics like mag flukes, brush hogs and the biggest senkos we could find. The results? an epic walrus fest that was only beginning. Here are a few from the month of June including Lambo’s new personal best that just missed MEGA Walrus status.


img_6167.jpg img_6162.jpg


June was also a very special month for our family. We rescued a dog that was on his last leg and were prepared for heartbreak as he was not in good shape. With the help of awesome vets Benjamin made it and today you ask?

img_1119.jpg img_1134.jpg

Benji is living his best life and we are blessed to have him.


July –

The summer bite got no better than July. It was simply not believable most days. A few walruses from a hot July.

img_0059.jpg img_0083.jpg



I also went to Cleveland to watch the Tribe with my folks. My favorite pic of my Dad and I would be taken this trip. Much like my Mother’s pic in Vegas this pic of my Dad and I will be framed. I love this pic with all my heart.



August –

August 2019 will go down as the month of the personal best and arguably the best month of my entire guiding career. None bigger than my main man Clayboa’s near miss 12 pound MEGA Walrus.



Here are the other PB’s from August.

img_0274.jpg img_0228.jpg

img_0230.jpg img_0327.jpg

img_0330.jpg img_0334.jpg


……and the month went out in fine style with Steve’s new PB that punched his ticket to the DD club.



My last Vegas trip took place in August as well.


aaaaaaand our house addition was finally completed.

img_0694.jpg img_8927.jpg


Yes, August of 2019 was certainly one of the most memorable months of my life.


September –

The number off jobs fell off substantially in September. Unfortunately that’s nothing new as the fall months get a lot less play. Hunting and looming holidays play a roll in that for folks and I totally get it. This was the first month in a goooooood long time where the fishing really got spotty. Bang em one day and brutal the next. Quite frankly we’re still on that same cycle currently. Reality also began to set in that we were not going to get anything tropical to help our water levels. It’s been since 2012 that we didn’t pick up water during our rainy/tropical season. With that said our water levels are fine currently and we will be fine for the foreseeable future. Twelve months from now I hope we get blasted by Tropical Storm Tyrone. We are due to have a full lake to play in. Here are a few good ones from September including Joel’s near miss MEGA walrus personal best.


img_0761.jpg img_0344.jpg


October –

Jobs were once again at a premium. The fishing continued to be spotty at best. We were still offshore, but down sized our plastics a great deal. I also go lucky and found a wonderful school of fish off the main river channel. They were suspended in tree tops in 20 to 25 foot of water. Slow rolling spinnerbaits through the tops was the ticket. Unfortunately this school did not hold up for very long and I lost them after about 3 trips and haven’t found em since. Here are a few walruses from October.

img_0852.jpg img_0851.jpg



November – 

November started on Falcon Lake, Texas and ended in Erie, PA. The fishing took a notable turn for the worse this month and remains pretty damn tough heading into 2020. Not all days mind you, but if you fish 10 days in a row right now odds are 7 of them are going to be tough sledding. (jack pot spots need not apply) Here are a few from November.

img_0810.jpg img_0883.jpg


The girlies and I also took a family cruise to Mexico. We hit the weather jackpot and had so much fun. And selfie of the year goes to…….


Angels….pure hearted, beautiful angels. (cover me up with your finger….might take two)


December –

Sick……sickest I have been in a decade plus. You would have to go back to my teaching days to find a time where I was this sick. I hit the trifecta with the flu, common cold, and then last but not least strep throat. 25 days of feeling terrible……I just could not get right. I am happy to report that I am at 93% heading into 2020 however and trending to 100%. The unfortunate part is that I had 11 jobs on the books at one point or another and ended up only fishing 4 days………BRUTAL. No walruses were boated in December. The highlights of December were a father/son trip that saw Jay and his son Tobin break crappie records for High Stakes Bassin. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 crappie over 2 pounds.

img_1062.jpg img_1068.jpg


Another highlight was a Momma/Son combo of Becci and Austin. They were my last trip of 2019 and I couldn’t of asked for a better trip to wrap up my year. Those two were a guide’s dream. Even though the bite was brutally tough they never, not one time, stopped smiling and having fun. Two salt of the Earth folks…..Becci has done a remarkable job raising a terrific young man.

img_1113.jpg img_1117.jpg



Well that’s 2019 and the end of a decade. This decade started with me working in the public school system of Portsmouth, VA. I was battling more physical pain than I could handle. Dr. Mark Kerner of the Portsmouth Spine Institute gave me my life back in 2011 when he operated on my neck replacing 3 discs. I awoke from that surgery a new person and vowed to live my life every day as if it were my last. I told my superintendent and principal I was retiring from education and moving to the border to chase the dream of guiding on the best bass lake on the planet. They both laughed and probably thought I was high on pain meds. Told me to take my time and come back when I was healed up and thinking clearly. I never stepped foot in a school in VA again. Less than a month after my surgery we bought a house in Zapata, TX. My wife and I loaded up our 4 and 8 year old along with only a few possessions into a small uhaul. I hooked up my boat and in the middle of the night we headed to our new life along the border. I was still in a neck brace and could barely move my neck more than a couple inches either way. We had $230 bucks to our name in the bank and a credit card. My sister surprised us the night before and came over to wish us luck and handed us $500 dollars. We got to Zapata safely a day and a half later with no guarantees of what the future would hold. What an adventure the 2010’s were. Grab life by the ass folks…..with two damn hands. You have but one singular life to live.


To all of you still reading this…..I love ya and thanks for supporting my business all these years. See ya in 2020!!!



Family time

I have been all over the map since my last post. First up was a cruise with Jaime and the kids.

img_0968.jpg img_0966.jpg


We had a terrific time and the family quality time was a perfect 10 out of 10. The next stop was Erie, PA to visit my folks and sister and to do a lil hunting with the ole man.

Here’s a look at a small 8 point that I hope to see in the coming years.


I also got to spend a few hours with two great high school buddies as well. It’s been 24 years since we were in high school together and we still get together once a year and share some great laughs and talk about yesteryear like it was yesterday. The three of us are all married with kids and all have a lot of the same daily challenges that make life unpredictable and great. Love those fellas more every year.


I have fished a handful of days in between and around all of my trips. The common theme has been terrifically warm weather and a very inconsistent bite. We’ve had a 27 fish day down to a 9 fish day. We have not boated a fish North of 4 pounds either and really don’t believe we’ve had a big bite. Normally this time of year we are targeting the spawn. (both pre and spawning fish) This year has been much like December of 2012 and 2013…..the offshore bite is still the only way to consistently get bit. Will that change in the coming weeks? I doubt it….I think the offshore bite will remain king until February. Two major factors have lead to this…..#1 we didn’t pick up a lot of water during our late summer early fall tropical season. When we pick up 5-15 foot of water it pushes the fish shallow into the flooded new growth. It also kicks off the spawn. (mother nature knows how to take advantage of the “new lake effect”) #2 our air temps for the most part have remained above average for this time of year. (lows in the 60’s highs in the 80’s) With all that said are there some big bass being caught here on Falcon? Absolutely……as always Falcon has “jackpot” spots out there. Problem is they are VERY VERY few and far between currently. I have several jobs coming up between now and the end of the year and looking forward to each one.


I hope everyone reading this has a terrific Holiday Season with friends and family.



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