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You ask how was the fishing on Falcon Lake today?





I think that photo pretty much covers it.


Water levels and Music Video Monday #15


Not a lot to write about today’s off day other than we had front number 1,219 blow in around noon and do mean BLOW in. I did a little banking and sent off 6 reels to Shimano to have serviced. Wild day in Zapata for sure… Mexico is yanking water and we are starting to drop…….this should help the bite some in the not so distant future. I just hope we don’t lose 20 foot of water……I’m serious. Here is a look at our recent high point on April 4th which was juuuuuust shy of 277(276.93).




Here is a look at today’s graph….notice the slight uptick in the line graph today. That is from the hard north wind pushing the water up against the dam. We have lost .69 of a foot in roughly 10 days. (8.28 inches)





My folks are coming down to visit us this week and will be staying for 7 to 10 days or so. NOTHING beats them coming down to see us. Hopefully Dad’s back can hold out and I can get him a good fish or two while he is down this trip. My girlies are vibrating with excitement and it wasn’t hard coming up with a song for this week.



A lot of happy, happy, happy at the Greishaw residence here in Zapata.







Alexander the Great, Conan the Barbarian AND


Walt the Walrus Hunter



The weapon that was used……



That fish made my week and I couldn’t be happier for Walt…….and let me tell you….he earned that fish. We also had a MAJOR scare today.


Yeah it got real in a hurry out there…… was touch and go for 20 seconds or so.


Yeah…….that SOB took a swing at me, but luckily Phil “The Catfish Kid” had my back.


Doesn’t get much better than this photo……Sunrise with the great Walrus Hunter hard at it.


Take care men.





Walt, Phil and Ole Pearl……Good Luck Team Mr.Steve!


Walt and Phil got a first hand look at the current state of Falcon Lake. We had moments where we had Falcon by the short hairs, but had many more moments (hours) where Falcon was just plain mean. (lack of action and brutal wind) Most all of our action came from the shallows today with the exception of Phil’s 5.42. (pictured) We caught fish on 6xd’s, spinnerbaits, squarebills, and brush hogs. The wind looks like it may lay down a bit for us tomorrow and give us a bit more of a fighting chance. Oh and you are probably wondering what the heck is “Ole Pearl”? Walt brought a secret weapon to use down here and we nicknamed it Ole Pearl. (white pearl senko) Well let’s just say some secrets are best left untold……lol and Ole Pearl be one of those.

20140412-195418.jpg   20140412-195439.jpg




Falcon Lake Tackle is putting on their FLT Blast Tourney and I wanna wish everybody luck tomorrow. I just want to wish Team Mr. Steve just a lil more luck is all. Go give em heck Mr. Steve!!!!!!!







Schedule update and Mexico trips


Here is a look at my schedule over the next few months. The fishing has been nothing short of terribly inconsistent in 2014 to put it as nicely as possible. Mexico is pulling some water and the big spawns are out of the way. I look for things to only get better and get back to some good fishing more days than not. I have had some amazing summer months and look for more of the same. Grab a day or two and lets get after em.


To the schedules:

April is just about shot, but I still have a few Basschamps pre-fishing dates available. If you want a leg up on the competition drop me an email for a date or two.




My May is filling up nicely. Last May was phenomenal and I hope to continue that trend in 2014.




June has had a couple of cancellations already and only has 3 days booked as of right now. I had a good June last year as well…..just didn’t have as many folks to share it with. lol. Give June a shot I don’t think you will be disappointed.




July doesn’t need a schedule pic as it is blank….lol. July was pretty good last year… have pick of the litter as of right now. A few July 2013 pics…

IMG_3115[1]   20130715-022229.jpg   20130713-222517.jpg

20130702-202851.jpg   20130702-202842.jpg


I have received a few phone calls and emails about Mexico trips. I am sorry, but I am not booking Mexico trips at this time. If you want I can get you hooked up with Mr. Law, Mr. Behnken or a few others that I know who guide over there. I will be fishing Mexico in the not so distant future, but I am not booking trips abroad anytime soon.





Falcon Dan….rescue kittens….Hawks win, Hawks win, THHHHHE Hawks win!


Danny had his worst trip ever down here on Falcon. (with me at least) Did we catch fish over the last two and half days? Sure and had plenty of bites and action by Falcon’s current standards. Problem was size…..good grief. Danny’s biggest bite of the trip was an Alligator Gar that he caught on an Alabama Rig. Most of our bass were in that 2 to 4 pound range with the exception of one or two. We fished from 8 inches to 40 ft and everywhere in between. Danny has one heck of a passion for fishing Falcon Lake and enjoys every second regardless of how well it is fishing. Danny lives in the corporate world, filled with deadlines and 7 figure consequences riding on nearly every project. Danny comes to get away from all that. Did we give each other the business each and every day? Check…….Did we laugh and giggle like 10 year old girls? Check…….Did we catch some fish? Check


Sounds like a good time to me.






My lovely wife……oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lovely wife.

20140403-204333.jpg   20140403-204317.jpg






I took the girlies to a Hawks baseball game tonight.







I live next to Head Coach Alvarez and it was good to finally get out and support the team. A good time was had by all. Oh and they won 6 – 0……sooooo I am welcome back. lol.





Sleeping beauty……MVM #14


As you could tell from the Danny/Max pic from yesterday……Danny enjoys his sleep and when I went to get get him at 6:30 dynamite could not blow him out of the guest house. Soooooooo I let him sleep until 8 before I got lil more aggressive with the wake-up call. lol. When we finally did arrive at our first stop Danny scored a nice 6ish lber and as you can see by the color she was a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep post spawn fish.



We caught plenty of fish today….well I should say Danny did. I got my butt kicked and at the end of the day I had an 8 lber finish the butt kicking. Bad part is that it was caught on film. Hey, I can barely wipe my



……ah errrrrr…..nevermind, let alone reel in an 8 pound fish. It was ugly and there is no way I’m posting the video. Don’t ask……and it ended with Danny nearly eating my crankbait, ugh. Danny has some blackmail video for sure and I am not even talking about the over the side of the boat moment….ah….errrrrrr…..nevermind x2.

yikes     yikes


Needless to say Danny is safe from my Mr. Camera for a while.


Check out one of Danny’s fish below. It had a 5 pound head, but good grief that fish has been roughed up.


20140407-202127.jpg  20140407-202214.jpg






MVM #14 The King of Pop “Bad”





Been battling the head and neck the last two days


I stuck it out yesterday during Warren and Todd’s last day and I actually felt pretty good by the end of the day…..I got lucky. This morning on the other hand was bad enough where I couldn’t even imagine trying to gut it out. I really feel one of the meds I’m on for my finger is causing these headaches. I got better once again as the day went on and we hit the water around one and fished until 7. We didn’t catch, but a few 3 lbers today unfortunately. I am hopeful that I can answer the bell tomorrow morning and get ole Danny on some Walruses, but as you can see Danny wasn’t too heartbroken over missing the morning bite…….lol.

Move over MAX!!







Sir Warren and Captain Todd stick to their guns and……..





Captain Todd has a new personal best going 8.39 pounds. This fish had a huge head and BIG frame, but just didn’t have the @ss. I think we boated just 6 fish today with roughly 10 to 12 bites, but these fellas best three would of hit 17ish pounds. I’m proud of these guys……at 1 o’clock we had a dink or two to show for our efforts and I asked them if they wanted to hit the bank to catch a few fish. The answer was a resounding NO!




Here was a nice chunk by Sir Warren as well.




Thanks again men…. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all coming back to see me this year…… Take care.






I cheated today……..


……yeah we got 10 bites and boated 6 fish with the biggest going 5.93 caught by Todd, but I had to go to the bank to do it. We battled the wind and waves offshore until 11 o’clock. (with ZERO bites to show for it) Warren mentioned sea sick and that was enough for me… I am proud of our day and it could of been a really good day if Todd manages to land his walrus, but it buried him into a retama and broke him off. We worked incredibly hard to get that bite. We were all bummed. Tomorrow’s wind forecast looks to be all over the map…..gonna hit the hay and hope for the best when I wake up in the morning. Warren shot me a text tonight that read “Jay, We want to go for a big bite tomorrow…last day.” Main lake it is come hell or high waves…….lol.









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