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Damn Dam…..


… a fish factory. We started there today and we could of caught 100 fish. Why didn’t we? Well, we just got tired of catching 0.5 to 3 lb fish. That’s the honest answer. Now listen, is it fun catching so many fish? Sure….it’s like going to that new lake in Mexico called Picachos. That lake from what I hear is LOADED full of 2 and 3 pounders. Tommy and I both are big game hunters……we made it to about 9 am and just couldn’t take it anymore and moved. Did we ever find a big today on the South end? Nope. Nothing has changed down there for me. A lot of fun, but getting a Walrus bite has proved to be a challenge down there and was again today. We had to stop fishing around 11:30 as the weather was starting to get scary. We have fished Falcon enough to know……don’t F with her when she starts to get angry and we had plenty of advance warning of these tropical bands coming in.




Fish fry at the Law’s tonight……can’t wait.




The fishing just continues to impress me


Tommy called me this morning and asked me to hit the water with him today. I wanted to take out my 521vx today and run it through it’s paces with the new jackplate, but he was already loaded up and wanted to run his boat today. Tommy and I have been on the same page with Falcon for a while now and I can promise you that if you book with him or you book with me you will get an unmatched experience. By pooling our info, the winner is you. Tommy and I leave no stone un-turned (pun intended) to provide the best Falcon Lake experience or in Tommy’s case Falcon Lake or Sugar Lake. If you have a group that wants to come down give me a ring. We have had GREAT success with multiple parties and already have a couple on the books coming up. I know, I know…… I am starting to sound like an infomercial, but hey business is slllllloooooow and the fishing is spectacular right now. lol……come on down!


We fished the North end of the lake today which is where all of my big fish have been coming from. Did we get bit big today? Oh my…..If Tommy and I were fishing a Tourney today we would be on our second or third 5th of whiskey by now. Tommy had two giants come unglued. (one on t-rigged worm and the other on crank) and lost a 6 pounder on a crank that we got a good look at. I was not to be out done. I broke off a straight up beast in the timber. This one row of trees has been producing some giants for a while now and I told Tommy to get the video ready. I re-tied my spinnerbait and chunked in there and just got my @ss kicked and broken off. I hope Tommy doesn’t show that video. Temper-tantrum? You betcha….I really believe we had 3 fish on over 9 pounds (how much over 9? who knows, but Sea World Walrus Certified? check.) Tommy did boat a dang nice Walrus in that 7 in a half pound range pictured below. (he called it 7, but I guarantee she was closer to 8 than 7)


You ask what was all the action on? Geez the better question would be what didn’t we have action on. Seriously…..we caught fish from 2ft to 18 ft on a crig and d-shot from timber to rocks to gravel. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I mean to tell ya it is. We are back at it tomorrow and will be down on the South end of the lake in the 521vx. Tommy has had a hydro JP before and I am going to pick his brain a bit. Oh and trust me we will be whacking some fish too. Gonna show him some finesse d-shotting…..Lake Erie style. Rumor has it we will be having a fish fry tomorrow as well.


Give us a ring…..would love to get ya’ll out there.




13 years……where does the time go? Still tough to swallow…..Who would of ever thought after all that we would have a President by the name of Barack Hussein Obama? I refuse to talk Politics on my report and I am not going to start now, but seriously?

A full weekend of football


My favorite time of year with fall and football in the air. I have not been on the water the last few days. Been busy getting the z522 ready to roll since getting it back. I did talk to a fisherman who caught a 9 pounder two days ago. Sounded like a lot of fun…..he was pitching timber here on the North end of the lake with brush hogs. Not too far from the boat ramp either. You could have a dang good day staying in just the Veleno right now. I probably will not be on the water for a few more days….Madison has a cardiologist appointment Tuesday, but after that we will have to go find a few 9 pounders to harass. Enjoy the football everyone!




golf and z522 is ready for the busy season ahead


Finally got a chance to hit the course with Tommy today. It’s been months since our last trip. He’s been working dang near everyday and I have been all over the country, doing the Daddy Day Care gig, and working a bit myself. We had the typical great time. I thought he was going to shoot the Zapata National Course record for about the first 7 holes. He was two or three under… Not so much. lol. I am heading over to Alice, Tx tomorrow to pick up my z522. She was in the shop getting some maintenance done before I get too busy to do it. I will be dropping my 521vx off and will have em do the maintenance deal on it as well. I also got a new hydraulic  jackplate for it too. I’ve never owned a hydraulic jp before….I am pretty pumped about it to be honest. I got one heck of a deal on it from Scott Martin. After all that running around tomorrow, I am hoping to be on the water Thursday with the big Z.

See ya in a couple days,


A Falcon Fish Fry……


We are catching so many fish right now. It really is at the silly level. Today was the first day of school for the kids. (Only school system in America that has school on Labor Day….lol) Jaime has been chomping at the bit to get in on this fish catching action and she didn’t believe that it could possibly be as good as I have been describing it. We fished for 2 hours. She caught 21 fish, which included a walrus that got off at the boat. (she is calling it a 9 pounder…lol, more like 8……..bad guide wouldn’t grab the net. In my defense I wouldn’t of netted that thing even if I had the net in my hand. She got soooooo excited when she saw the fish, she cranked that thing to the boat as fast as she could. A pissed off walrus with a mouth full of 6xd? Cranked in at 3.1 seconds? ugh) She also boated a real nice 7.31 that should of weighed 9 pounds. It was skinny and check out it’s tail. Weird…..





Jaime needed a day like this, just like my last two clients. If there was ever anybody that should have Labor Day off it would be her. Oh and as the title says we decided to keep three 16 inchers to eat. We invited Sherrita and Tommy over to help us eat em. I’m telling you those Bass were spec freakin tacular. Interesting little tid bit. Jaime had a 14 incher (not legal) totally inhale a 6xd and I tried my best to save it, but it floated up about 5 minutes later. I told Jaime that I am not gonna let that fish go to waste, legal or not. We went out to get it, but Mr. Gar got to it before we did. I’m going to stay off the water tomorrow and actually hit the golf course. I am going to take Tommy out on Falcon Wednesday or Thursday. Next week I may hit Sugar with him for a few days to help him with some scouting for upcoming trips. Once again if you are thinking about Mexico you owe it to yourself to contact Tommy and again folks I am not guiding on Sugar for the foreseeable future. Give Tommy a call he’s earned it. If you are thinking Falcon in the coming months I certainly would appreciate the consideration.

A couple more fish pics with the Mrs.

IMG_5061[1]  IMG_5060[1]





“I don’t want this day to end!” – Chris at 12 noon


Today was spectacular yet again and we had 5 walruses on. How many boated? Just one……




I know you are going to ask and the answer is I didn’t weigh it. Why? I didn’t want to be the one to boat a fish like that. Did Chris have his shot at fish like the one pictured? Absolutely…..4 to be exact. For those that trophy hunt you know it takes more than skill to boat one of these beasts. Takes a lot of luck. This one had me tangled up in more bark than I care to admit and thought I was gonna break her off at any second, but she got herself untangled and swam out. Caught a break. Now before all you go out and have a pity party for Chris…..he caught probably 40 fish today and many fish in the 5 pound range. (we weighed one of em to just see exactly what it weighed….went 4.75) To say we had a great time out there would be the understatement of 2014. Check out the Video below. Chris had a rod ripped out of hands by a Falcon Lake bully. I’m serious…ripped out of his hands. Chris showed cat like reaction time and dove for the rod saving it from the bottom of the lake… Here is the video of Chris and his new grip on the rod. (no romo)

popcorn gif


Good times and yes I am grateful that Chris was able to get the rod back……it was one of my Falcon/Type R combos.




Here are a few of the solid fish Chris boated today.


IMG_5053[1]  IMG_5051[1]

IMG_5050[1]  IMG_5047[1]


Got a tough client to please tomorrow. I will report back to let you know if she gets her money’s worth.




You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…..


… many fish between 3 and 5 pounds we caught today. Do I know the actual number? Nope and I am not going to guess. We had 2 walrus bites and they both came unglued. We never saw mine, but can promise if it was a bass we are talking legit big girl. Joe’s walrus we got a good look at and was a true kick to the kneecap when she spit that 5xd. (chart/blue back) We pulled up on a spot today and without looking like a blowhard Pinocchio, we caught over 30 fish in an area the size of my boat. We ain’t talking dinks either. Nice 3 to 5 pound chunks. Chris called me today and we are hitting the water tomorrow and boy am I looking forward to it.


Thanks again Joe!


IMG_5039[1]  IMG_5040[1]

IMG_5041[1]  IMG_5043[1]




Dropshots to be featured on the menu…


….for tomorrow. Got a phone call today from Joe and he wants to see what all this drop shot talk is all about. He’s fished Falcon for several years and he’s never used one. It was good hearing from Joe. He was a big reason I bought a boat from pro angler marine down in the valley. I was heartbroken when they closed shop. I miss Joe, Hector and the crew…..looking forward to putting him on some d-shot fish tomorrow.


Not a lot to report


Last week of freedom for the Kids. School starts on Labor Day for em. My Daddy Day Care service was a busy operation this summer. I am booked up for Sunday or Monday depending on Chris’s work schedule. I am looking forward to showing Chris a good Falcon Lake time. We will be cranking a lot and will have more than one drop shot tied on as well. See ya in a few days on the water.





When is the BEST time to come to Falcon? and Sugar Lake….


No fishing this weekend for me. I am trying to avoid winning bad dad of the year honors. Every time Sierra starts to feel better I take her on the lake and I swear the wind just tears up her throat and sinuses. So I decided to hang at the house and watch movies. We also went to Laredo and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I asked Madison, “1-10 how was the movie?” Her reply was 100. It was right up a 7 year old’s ally.


Let’s address two questions that I am getting a lot lately. This time of year people start planning for their pilgrimage to Falcon Lake in the coming months. The number one question is “when should I come”. My answer is always the same… come to Falcon when you can because it’s good 12 months out of the year. With that said…..if you are a trophy hunter and I’m talking 13 plus pound bass your best months are December, January, and February….. Just ask Bruce Benedict.


He caught this 15 lber while fishing a Basschamps tournament in February. Now do those three months come with a gamble? yes, yes indeed. The weather, fronts and wind play a major role. The last two years down here has been nothing short of terrible in regards to our winter/early spring weather patterns. I have to believe at some point we will get back to some sense of normalcy. Last October and November were very, very good as well. I shot this video towards the end of October and the fish in the video were part of a 40.35 pound bag.

Again the best time to come is when ya can.


The next biggest question I am fielding of late centers around Sugar Lake. I know I said months ago that I was going to start fishing over there. I have really gone back and forth about it and have decided to stick with Falcon Lake and Falcon Lake only for the foreseeable future. Now listen….just because I am not going over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Tommy Law is doing some insane work over there and if you want Sugar info I would give him a call. I will not even act like I know anything about Sugar. I will deflect all questions to Tommy, James and Jim Behnkin.


Time to put in another movie…..I think Tarzan is next.




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