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Falcon won today……


…..and convincingly. Elmo has been reading about all these banner days and he wanted a piece of the action today. Unfortunately I just could not get dialed in today. We launched at the county boat ramp and ran all the way to the dam and back. We had two good spurts where we caught fish on every cast or every other cast, but let me clear……we fished for six and a half hours. Five of those hours were totally unproductive and a lot of that time was spent in and around the dam. Total shocker to say the least. We did catch fish in Tigers, but not NEAR the amount I have been catching in there. Just one of those days that you have to tip your cap to Mother Nature. Still had a great time with Elmo, but to be honest I would have a great time with Elmo on a dirt pile. We will have our revenge…….






…….that’s Falcon Lake right now. Sure was glad to share it with Joe and Mike today. I wish I knew how many fish we caught, but I really don’t know and don’t want to guess. I’ll say a lot and even that might be an understatement. We got off to a terribly slow start this morning and it wasn’t our fault either. The State Park was two hours late in opening their gate. Yeah two hours late on a Sunday with a tourney trying to launch as well. Good grief…..luckily the fish never stopped biting all day and if you’re not fishing Tigers right now you are missing out. Seriously.

List of what we caught fish on:

1.) 6xd (chart/blue and citrus shad)

2.) Series 5/mid diving crank (same colors)

3.) squarebill

4.) Mag fluke

5.) 10 in plum powerbait worm

6.) 12 in Mag ole monster (candy apple?)

7.) Full size Strike King Ochos

8.) Dropshot Roboworms

I think that’s it….lol. We did not fish shallower than 8 foot of water and caught fish as deep as 20ish feet. The quality of fish was pretty dang good as a whole too. Check out Joe’s walrus that went 8.15…..looooooooooong fish.


Joe also caught this Walrus…..good grief. MASSIVE comes to mind.



Thanks again guys…..really appreciate the trip and hope we do it again soon.


IMG_5329[1]  IMG_5328[1]



A fun morning of golf with Mr. Law


It’s been too long since Tommy and I have hit the course to chase the little white ball around and shoot the shit. It’s always fun and just like the last time I played with Tommy, he was on fire and me? Not so much. This was the second time in as many outings that I couldn’t even finish the round because my back. Didn’t hurt it too bad, but it gave me plenty of warning to chill out and I did. Of course Tommy and I talk about damn near everything….most of which has nothing to do with fishing, but we did talk a lot about Falcon and Sugar Lake today. Folks both lakes are fishing very well and it’s fun to talk about both places. Sugar Lake, let there be no question, is just silly. If you are thinking about a trip to Mexico you really need to do yourself a favor and email or call Tommy. I’m serious……now listen I know Mexico isn’t for everyone and there is certainly plenty of fish to catch here on Falcon, but if you are thinking Mexico and I am talking ANYWHERE in Mexico you owe it to yourself to call Tommy. I will be going over to Sugar with Tommy a week from Wednesday and we will be doing a lot of scouting and trying to find as many spots as possible. Sugar has picked up an incredible amount of water and is in fantastic shape. I also will be helping Tommy with a 4 person trip on Sugar on November 5th and 6th. This is a trip with Tommy’s clients and I am helping Tommy and I am very appreciative of the jobs too. I know this kind of opens me up a bit for some of you to not be very happy with me and I’m sorry. This is NOT my trip and I am still not taking clients over to Sugar. I am simply helping a friend. If you are a client of mine and want to fish Sugar please call Tommy, you will not regret it. I am on Falcon tomorrow with Joe and his friend…….. can’t wait.






My commute to work……..




Was great to be back on the water and the fishing certainly did not disappoint either. Well, the first two hours at least. I moved around quite a bit today for the 4 hours that I was on the water. I got on the fish really good early and often. I boated 15 fish in the first 2 hours and that included several 3 to 4 pounders with two 6 lbers being the biggest. I don’t know what happened, but around 10 ish the bite stopped and I do mean stopped at least for me that is. I don’t know whether the whole lake turned off or the areas I was in weren’t active…..don’t know, but the fun I had the first two hours dis a freakin ppeared. Serves me right for all the bragging I was doing on Facebook.


I have a trip on the books for Sunday……Joe is coming back and bringing a friend with him this time. Looking forward to the write up Sunday and hopefully some nice pictures as well. See ya then!



A fresh start to a new week….


I haven’t done a lot of writing lately or fishing for that matter. Last week was a brutally tough week down here in South Texas on the Highstakesbassin family. My wife and I made the call on Thursday to put our black lab Max down. Many of you know that he has been battling seizures for well over a year. We put him on medication and it didn’t help. He gained a bunch of weight and his energy was awful. So I decided a couple months back to take him off the meds. He lost 19 lbs and acted a lot more like Max, but the seizures continued and continued to get worse over the next two months. He had a 36 hour stretch starting on Tuesday that I am not even going to talk about here. We took him in Thursday and we made the toughest decision we’ve had to make in our adult lives. We had a great vet working with us and I do mean she was great. The kids took the news like champs and have moved on very well. Jaime took it pretty hard and I won’t kid anybody…..Max was my boy. Here is the last picture I took of him a few weeks back.



We ended the week with a great family trip to San Antonio and adopted one of Madison’s friends for the day too. We rode horses, picked out pumpkins, did hayrides and we petted pigs, chickens, llamas, and goats…..sounds like fun doesn’t it?

IMG_5271[1]  IMG_5269[1]

IMG_5268[1]  IMG_5263[1]

Not the best pic of Madison….lol. Her eyes are really light sensitive. A great time was certainly had by all and we even made a trip to Bass Pro.


I am really looking forward to getting back out on the water this week. Today is the windiest day we have had in several weeks, but the rest of the week looks great. See ya on the water!




A Monday schedule update for the next 5 months


I have days booked in each of the next 5 months. Now is there still plenty of room for you to book a trip with me?….lol, sure is. Take a look below and please shoot me an email, text or call if any of the dates below peak your interest.



October is off to a grrrrrreat start. Guy and Genifer made sure of that with a whackfest on Saturday. As you can see below plenty of great action can still be booked here in October.





November -

November is normally a tricky month and I lose a lot of days because of travel. For now I am leaving my schedule “open” and if you want a day in November right now that isn’t already booked it’s yours and there are plenty to choose from.





December -

As many of you know I did the ALS challenge and I am donating $100 dollars for every booking that I get between the 1st and 24th. We are up to two bookings so far. My goal was to get 10 and send off 1,000 dollars. Here’s a look at December.





January has the 22nd and 23rd booked

February has the 3rd, 4th, and 5th booked

Plenty of great dates to choose from and with the fishing trending as good as it is, don’t wait too long to book some of these prime dates.











That’s what it looks like right there.


Guy called me earlier in the week and wanted to take his wife Genifer on guided trip here on Falcon for their anniversary. How cool is that? We caught a wonderful day here on Falcon and boy did these two whack the fish early and often. Did we catch our fair share of 6 inch dinks today?…, yeah like 30. With that said we did catch some dang nice quality too and would be sitting in pretty good shape going into day two of this big tourney that’s in town. I think the leader is at 17 lbs.(3 fish tourney) We didn’t have that, but certainly weren’t far behind. (16ish) We could of easily hit 20ish pounds, but Guy caught the Michael Jordan of bass and she spit the 6xd back at us half way back to the boat. I was preparing to do some serious chest bumping……ugh. She was by far the biggest fish I’ve seen on Falcon in a day or 20….lol. Monster.

Another day in paradise is coming to an end.

IMG_5239[1]  IMG_5242[1]

IMG_5240[1]  IMG_5243[1]





16 fish in a two hour stretch, but…


…..8 fish in the other 6 hours. Falcon is in a bit of transition right now after all that rain and weather we dealt with over the weekend. Here’s Waggy with a nice Falcon chunk from today.




Doc and I had pretty good bounce back day. Most of our day was spent South of marker 3 and we found the fish much more active with the exception of our trip to the Salinias. Folks if you are coming down do not waste your time heading to the backs of these creeks. They aren’t there…..yet. We caught all of our fish on Spro deep diving cranks, Mag Flukes (green pumpkin candy) and Poor Boy creature baits (watermelon red candy…..think garlic). We caught 34 fish. (Doc and I would assign a player to the number of fish we caught in order to help us keep track of the fish we caught…..hence the title Sweetness, ie the great Walter Peyton) Once again the only complaint from today? you guessed it…..size. Doc crushed me on numbers, like 25 to 9 type of beating. I caught the biggest bass that would of hit the 5ish pound mark and Doc had one that would of hit 4. The rest were 1-3 pounds. Doc also caught the biggest crappie I have ever seen live and in color. It beat out Saturdays monster of a crappie caught by Robert.



We have one more round tomorrow and we will be at full strength with Vaughn and Waggy joining Doc after their Sugar adventure with Mr. Law.





Falcon Lake with my Boyz….


Wish I could write that we boated 100 fish with 17 walruses, but that would be a lie and to be honest the fishing wasn’t that good today. It hasn’t been good since the last front blew on through yesterday with the buckets upon buckets of rain that came with it. Again we caught 20 some odd fish, but man I was doing that in a half hour. So to say I was not all smiles today would be an understatement. Fires me up to see the fishing go from out of this world to dag gone tough over night. Vaughn and Waggy will be with Tommy tomorrow. They are off to Sugar. Doc is staying here with me and we will be heading South to start our day. Falcon fishes a lot better on the South end of the lake when conditions are changing. (cold fronts, rising water/muddy water, etc.)


Check out Facebook for a few pictures from today. No walruses, but a few nice chunks that we worked awful hard for.




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