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Dropshots to be featured on the menu…


….for tomorrow. Got a phone call today from Joe and he wants to see what all this drop shot talk is all about. He’s fished Falcon for several years and he’s never used one. It was good hearing from Joe. He was a big reason I bought a boat from pro angler marine down in the valley. I was heartbroken when they closed shop. I miss Joe, Hector and the crew…..looking forward to putting him on some d-shot fish tomorrow.


Not a lot to report


Last week of freedom for the Kids. School starts on Labor Day for em. My Daddy Day Care service was a busy operation this summer. I am booked up for Sunday or Monday depending on Chris’s work schedule. I am looking forward to showing Chris a good Falcon Lake time. We will be cranking a lot and will have more than one drop shot tied on as well. See ya in a few days on the water.





When is the BEST time to come to Falcon? and Sugar Lake….


No fishing this weekend for me. I am trying to avoid winning bad dad of the year honors. Every time Sierra starts to feel better I take her on the lake and I swear the wind just tears up her throat and sinuses. So I decided to hang at the house and watch movies. We also went to Laredo and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I asked Madison, “1-10 how was the movie?” Her reply was 100. It was right up a 7 year old’s ally.


Let’s address two questions that I am getting a lot lately. This time of year people start planning for their pilgrimage to Falcon Lake in the coming months. The number one question is “when should I come”. My answer is always the same… come to Falcon when you can because it’s good 12 months out of the year. With that said…..if you are a trophy hunter and I’m talking 13 plus pound bass your best months are December, January, and February….. Just ask Bruce Benedict.


He caught this 15 lber while fishing a Basschamps tournament in February. Now do those three months come with a gamble? yes, yes indeed. The weather, fronts and wind play a major role. The last two years down here has been nothing short of terrible in regards to our winter/early spring weather patterns. I have to believe at some point we will get back to some sense of normalcy. Last October and November were very, very good as well. I shot this video towards the end of October and the fish in the video were part of a 40.35 pound bag.

Again the best time to come is when ya can.


The next biggest question I am fielding of late centers around Sugar Lake. I know I said months ago that I was going to start fishing over there. I have really gone back and forth about it and have decided to stick with Falcon Lake and Falcon Lake only for the foreseeable future. Now listen….just because I am not going over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Tommy Law is doing some insane work over there and if you want Sugar info I would give him a call. I will not even act like I know anything about Sugar. I will deflect all questions to Tommy, James and Jim Behnkin.


Time to put in another movie…..I think Tarzan is next.




The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I was challenged tonight by a great client and friend of mine Landon Lancaster. For those of you that don’t know about the “Ice Bucket Challenge”. It was designed to raise awareness for a terrible, terrible disease that has no cure. The disease is ALS or better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The IBC has since gone viral on all the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. The IBC has not only raised awareness, but also has raised 53.3 million dollars. That’s not a typo. That number goes up by millions of dollars each and every day. August 21st the money raised sat at 41.8 million and today 53.3……24 hours almost 12 million dollars. Here are a couple of facts about ALS.

1.) 100% fatality….it is fast moving and there is no cure

2.) every 90 seconds someone gets diagnosed with ALS…..every 90 seconds someone dies from ALS

Now I am going to get personal here. I have experienced 3 major scares in my life from a medical/health perspective. So far I have been fortunate enough to be 3 for 3. First was my oldest daughter Sierra. She had a tumor that had wrapped around her Achilles and around her ankle. She had it removed and avoided radiation/chemo. We still have to keep an eye on it and she will have to her whole life, but for now she is doing great 8 years later. The 2nd major scare has been documented here before in regards to my neck/spine surgery. I spent a few years in and out of specialists trying to pin point what I had. At one point early on the neurologist thought there was a chance I had ALS. I had the signs. My dexterity had deteriorated and my strength in both arms was bad. At that time I had no idea what ALS was. They poked me with more needles than I thought humanly possible and took my blood work and urine and several other crazy tests to see if I had ALS. Luckily for me everything came back negative…..When we went through Sierra’s ordeal we saw so many children and parents that did not get the good news we did. When I was going through my ordeal I met and saw folks that I know are no longer here today. I think about those two things a lot and trust me I realize how fortunate I am. The last scare just happened. I found lumps on the “boys” to keep this G rated. I only told my folks and one other person. The doctor that inspected the boys thought there was a 50/50 chance that it was cancer. So she got me in the next day to have a sonogram done. Sitting in that doctors office waiting for her to come in was agonizing. I tried to stay positive, but at some point you think,” hey I can’t keep dodging these bullets.” I’m happy to say the lumps are blood clots and not cancer. At some point surgery will have to be done, but it is not life threatening by any means. My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to any of you that are or have been affected by any terrible disease whether it be cancer, ALS, or MS, etc.

Here is the link to the ALS Association.

Not only did I do the IBC, but I will be making a Paypal donation on Christmas Eve December 24th. I will donate $100 dollars for each booking I get from December 1st to December 24th. It is a great time to catch some pre-spawn walruses. My goal is to send off 1,000 dollars which would be 10 bookings. Shoot me an email, text or call. Let’s make this happen.



Ok, to the Ice Bucket Challenge…..


Love ya highstakesbassin fans.




The girlies win 5-2


We hit the butterfly garden and Falcon Lake this afternoon for a couple of hours. Luckily for us the bass were much more active than the butterflies. lol……We have a great hatch going on between Laredo and Zapata, but as soon as you head South of Zapata it’s over. The fishing was great again however. We fished from 4 ish to 5:30 ish and caught 7 fish. Most of the bass were one to two pounds. Jaime caught the biggest boated fish that went about 4 lbs. Madison had one on that would of pushed 6 that came unglued right beside the boat. (bad guide alert….no net…lol) I posted a pretty funny vid of her fighting this walrus on Facebook. I had the big fish of the outing on. She nearly took my head off when it spit out the citrus shad 6xd. That bass was a certified Wendy Walrus. ugh……


Great time with the family and you can see much more on Facebook….check out the link below. Oh and Sierra is wearing that hat because her ears are still plugged up from the nasty summer cold that she has been battling. Glad she is getting it over with prior to the start of school.




IMG_5020[1] IMG_5018[1]


I love Falcon Lake


Today was El Tigre day and boy it started out slow… am I gonna get skunked today? slow. Now let me come clean. A big part of today’s slow start was do to this.


Yeah I wanted to catch a topwater fish on these horny toads. James at Falcon Lake Tackle has gotten me all in a froth over these topwater fish he’s been talking about. Well Highstakesbassin fans, its not the first time Ole James has sold me on a Falcon Lake topwater bite. Let’s turn the clock back 4 or 5 years. James posted a pic on his website of a chug bug that looked as though he had drug it around behind his truck in the parking lot. Soooooo Dad and I raced to Zapata (from 26 hours away) to score on this chug bug bite. We hit Zapata and headed straight for Falcon Lake Tackle with one thing on our minds……Chug Bug. We ran in and cleared the shelves as only Dad can…



Yep…..there they are. You ask, “well how many fish have you caught on them bugs?”


Love ya James xoxoxoxo

Holy side track batman…..back to today. After putting away the toads and a few moves later it got real. I ended the day on an even 20 fish in about 6 hours of fishing. A lot of the damage came off the drop shot. You can read about d shot and the other lures used  by me on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook. My good friend Elmo calls me today and he is acting all serious. I’m thinking, “ut o what did I do to Elmo!” He proceeds to say “ok Jay, don’t you lie to me…..what size minnow were you using on that drop shot”

M13Dr. Phil


Have a great weekend everyone. I think the wind and sickly kids will keep me off the water this weekend, but I might sneak out and if I do I’ll let ya’ll know.




El Grande Tire instead of El Tigre


Well you know what they say about when it rains… Just got my truck back after putting in a new radiator and now it’s making another mysterious noise. Sooooo I went from seeing Tigers first this morning to seeing a garage instead. Luckily I have the Suburban still and will tow that Ranger down to boat ramp tomorrow. We shall give Tigers a look then. There is good news….Mr. Steve picked us up from the garage and it gave the girls and I a chance to chat with him for a few minutes. I tried to get him to go hit Tigers with me tomorrow, but he’s a busy guy. We gave him a rain check though.






Great day of work


I have not fished a lot on the South end of the lake in 2014. I have not been able to get a good milk run going down there and today was no different. I caught 5 fish at the dam in an hour and half and then got shut out the last 2 and half hours. I fished from 8 to noon. I had to pick up the girlies from my neighbor at 1. My best bite right now is not on rocks and the South end for me is all about rocks….dam, marker 3, government, state park, Sally…..all rocks. Now listen I think it’s a me thing. I am not dialed in down there. Now put me North of Tigers? Game on. With that said, I will be in Tigers and South of Tigers again tomorrow. I want to find something to put with my timber fish. I will take the girlies back to the timber over the weekend if the wind is manageable. Jaime has a score to settle with one particular Walrus and we have the bush marked…lol.

My favorite spot on the whole Lake…..goose egg today.


Check out the play by play on Facebook….




A Texas Turd Floater hits



That thing has been pounding on us for about 45 minutes…….keep the good times rolling and speaking of good times rolling. We got our AC fixed finally. These guys were top notch and soooooo glad they didn’t leave me hanging.


I will be on the water 4 of the next 5 days and I don’t think this rain will amount to much in regards to our bottom line. I will, however, be fishing the South end of the lake tomorrow. I have not been down there in a month or so. I will let you know tomorrow what I find and what I find it on. *Hint* I got me a Zoom Horny Toad frog tied on.




MVM returns! Sierra Marie Edition……


Well I had two job opportunities for tomorrow, but we have had a plumber cancel on us every single day for a week now and guess what? One is supposed to be here tomorrow morning……lol. I will have Valium on hand if I get canceled on tomorrow when I could of worked. Ah well…..could be worse, but life without A/C down here in Zapata ain’t pretty.

craniofacial hyperhidrosis


Music Video is Back! This is my daughter’s favorite song right now and I really dig it too….pretty catchy. Enjoy


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