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…. A lil shampoo, some elbow grease and wax we are ready to hit em hard tomorrow.

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…..6 hrs tlc

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Boat detailing day

Its been over two months since I stripped and waxed the boat.  Been crazy around here. (in a very good way)  Soooooo the boat is going to get some major TLC on my day off.  Looks as though I have a client from Kistler Rods coming in tomorrow.  An unexpected trip, but word traveled fast that I had a few …

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10 mph today…..x2. These dang meteorologist have not been helping with my preparation. Goodness that makes for a fun ride back to the county. We stayed a little more dry today though. We went deep today, all day. T-rigs, c/rigs, ball n chains, and deep diving crankbaits. The big girls did not bite, at least for us. We boated a …

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Day off

Not much to report. I stayed off the water and did some maintenance on the boat, wrote a report for and (will post it tonight) and did some yard work. I am back to work tomorrow. Then it’s 6 days off. If you want a day or two over the next couple of weeks call or email me. …

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Marvelous Makayla, The Walrus Hunter

Well we went walrus hunting today and wow did we get into some big ole bass. Did we get all of em? Nah….. But Makayla put her hard hat on and went to work. She caught not one, but yes two 9 lbers today. We caught 19 fish today in about 4 hrs of action. We stayed deep all day …

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…..yes parkas. As you read yesterday the wind was howling and we had quite the wild ride in. Wet? Um yeah…..we had baitfish swimming in our boat. Sooooooooo I go to pick up the crew today at the sunbridge and they all come out wearing?…… You guessed it. Parkas. Very funny and great way to start the day. We went …

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3 personal bests and a wet wild ride….

Forecasted wind for today? 14 mph. Actual wind speed? 24 to 30…..easy. I love it when the weather man swwwwwwings and misses like that. Guess where we were today? Yep, we ran south and fished deep allllllllll day. The ride back was a new personal best for the boat in the most speared waves category. We trimmed the motor down …

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In the classroom and repair shop

Late blog entry…. Been veeeeeerrrry busy today. Had the day off today and hit the water early with my neighbor and did a lot of scouting. We had a great time today and when I go out with him it’s not about catching fish, it’s about fellowship. Did we catch fish you ask? Why certainly. We got off the water …

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A walrus, a good time, a PB, and a magical bush

Well no 100 fish day and no 40 pound sack either, but did we have a good time? Um, you bet ya. Casey stroked 53 fish yesterday if ya remember. Today you ask? 5….. and one spongebob squarepants. Hey it was alive. Casey was still pretty happy at the end of the day as he now has a new personal …

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