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Dwight and guy part 3

10 fish 20 lb bag 5.5 lb kicker (not pictured) I wanted 8 to 10 bites. We got about 15. We didn’t get one single big bite though. I fished my best stuff from the dam to tigers to salinas back to dam and medio at the end. I Didn’t get the job done for these fellas. I feel bad …

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Dwight and Guy part 2

Today can be characterized as a straight up grind from start to finish. We had one good spurt in the timber. Dwight’s personal best didn’t last 24 hours. His 8-3 fell today. His new pb is now 8-11. I really thought this had a chance to be 9-8 to 10lbs. It just didn’t have the length. Beautiful fish regardless and …

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Dwight and Guy day 1

1st two hours good Next 4 hrs painfully slow Last 2 hrs good. That about sums it up. We caught a lot of 1-3 lb fish. Dwight did catch his personal best today that went 8lbs 3oz. Guy edged Dwight on the fish count though with a late flurry. 8 to 7…..wind was brutal today and I am very happy …

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They whacked the heck out of em

Sorry about the weak arse write up. These fellas tipped me in maple crown royal. I drank it. Keep in mind I haven’t drank that much in 15 years…..ok ok well maybe since my last Vegas trip…lol. Stats and I’m going to bed. Total fish: don’t know….a lot ….25? Best five: well over 30 lbs Kicker: this ones easy…9-3 which …

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Veleno bridge alert!!!

Please folks be careful of the bridge that is just barely under water at the mouth of the Veleno. 3 people that I have heard hit it today. If you don’t know where it is stop at falcon lake tackle. As you are leaving and approaching the mouth of the veleno stay to the right(west). It is best to hug …

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Funky Illinois men from a funky Illinois town…..

Today was not the day I wanted to have weather issues. You know what they say though…..put “want” in one hand and in the other and see which one fills up faster. We never got too far away from the dock today because I was worried about an impending storm. I am glad I did. We put the boat back …

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Charades… style

          Vaughn has a great time folks and enjoys a beverage from time to time on the boat. Well today the amount per can that was drank came under scrutiny. Let’s just say there was a little chicken left on the bone of each can. lol. I pulled up to the Holiday Inn Express and this …

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Few things in life are better than this……..

…….   Look at the smile. Brock had a great time today with his pops. Vaughn is a return client of mine. Check out his last trip back in January. The fishing was tough as nails back then, but you would not of known it with these guys. We all had a blast.   …

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Cash talks the talk and walks the walk today…..

    Remember Cash from yesterday? Remember his first ever bass?     If he wasn’t hooked after yesterday he is certainly hooked after a day like today. I asked Tom if he wanted to get Cash some numbers or stay deep and try to get a few big ones. Tom made the right call by electing to stick to …

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Okie Poke Tom and Cash…….Research and Development Team

  Today was a straight up awesome day on Falcon.  We could run anywhere and fish anything.  The fishing was “ok” by current standards.  I didn’t pick up one of my rods all day and we still managed 9 fish.  We were very close to having a dang good day.  We pulled into an area where I have been getting …

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